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Bulldog SE Goldfield Loop, AZ
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Bulldog SE Goldfield Loop, AZ 
Bulldog SE Goldfield Loop, AZ
Hiking7.19 Miles 841 AEG
Hiking7.19 Miles   4 Hrs   29 Mns   2.28 mph
841 ft AEG   1 Hour   20 Mns Break
1st trip
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Ambika wanted to do a hike this Sunday and she said I could choose. So I picked this one as it was something new for Jack and a return to un-oops the last attempt at the Bulldog Canyon Loop in February. Using Route Manager I made a route combining this Loop (including The Mask) with some of the Blue Ridge playground Kelly and I had done in January.

We had a very windy start to the day and it stayed windy for most of the hike; except in the morning, that was chilly. We road-walked following FR10 up and over the hill and down to the little wash that takes you into Bulldog Canyon. I thot for some reason we would be hanging a right sooner than we did but instead you stay in this wash for almost 2 miles (including the side trip up to The Mask). The wash proved to be of interest as we continued north. There were bits of a trail here and there but you mostly stay in the wash. In the distance up on the hill in front of me I would see what I thot was the mask but it was just the shadows of the rock (you'll have to see the photo) so this would be dubbed the false mask once we got up to the real one.

You start heading east on a trail that comes around to the wash again and here are the cairns to guide you up to THE Mask. There is a claim just below it. I kept thinking we needed to hike to what I thot was the mask earlier but this path would not work for that. This is the second time ](*,) I would mistake something for what it was not on this Bulldog hike. Anyway, after the steep climb we finally arrived at our destination. I remarked to Ambika about the rock growing around the saguaro before quickly realizing the error in that statement :lol: ; nonetheless it is pretty cool.

We spent a good amount of time up here trying to get the perfect pictures of each other reflecting the mystique of The Mask. And then it was time for the somewhat short but steep and slippery climb down to the wash where we continued on. This was a fun wash to hike through and provided some pretty good views from time to time including a kestrel and various naked tree sculptures. We eventually started heading south in the Bulldog Wash to our next adventure on the Blue Ridge. Once again there is some road walking and we just about continued on the Bulldog Canyon Loop but quickly reversed course so as to gain access to the Orohai Loop.

I kept looking for the cairn that marks the western turn that Kelly and I found coming from the other direction. When I came upon it and Route Scout agreed, it didn't look the same but we began the gradual ascent after letting four horseback riders pass. As we hiked the ridge line we came across another trail; the one that Kelly and I had come up. That made me feel better knowing there were two ways up. The views really are spectacular up here :y: especially to the east and south. And then you come upon the Playground. I call it such as you could ding around in here for awhile just checking out rock formations and that alcove down in the center. I think I figured out a possible way to get to it but I'll have to waypoint it via satellite for next time.

We had our lunch using one of the longer rock formations as a wind barrier and a place for our backs to rest against. The hike down has a couple slippery sections so you have to hike gingerly. Once you're down, be sure to look back up at the Ridge as it's sure pretty. Walking back toward the trailhead you are treated to tall saguaros along the way. There is also signage to get you back to the parking lot that wasn't there the last time Kelly and I came this way. However, it seems you do have to hop over the surrounding pole fence. We didn't seen an opening in the barbed wire fence though there may be one down from the main gate. Speaking of the gate, it seemed new to me but I might be wrong.

A couple of the movies are already made but I have to make one or two more from the Yellowstone trip before I start back working on the videos of this hike. I think the video up at The Mask turned out pretty good. I'm still fighting the two spots on the lens issue... Anyway, it's a great little hike for the mileage. The sun seemed to be filtered today so we had good light throughout.

12-31-2019 Four years later, here are the videos. I didn't realize I hadn't posted them (my father had died 4 days after this hike) so I obviously plum forgot. The only reason I realized this is because @hikerdw put up a picture of the collapsed Mask and when I went to look at my pictures of the Mask, there weren't any :o .
Well now I have to re-do the movies because youtube doesn't stabilize anymore which means individually stabilizing each movie via Filmora. But it was a beautiful hike so worth the trouble!. I hadn't even finished editing the pictures and so I finished that as well and added them. There really was some beautiful scenery and we could see for so many miles in many directions. I think the last video has music by HAZ's LosDosSloFolks too.

To the Mask:
[ youtube video ]
[ youtube video ]

From the Mask to the Playground:
[ youtube video ]
[ youtube video ]
[ youtube video ]

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For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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