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Doe Mountain Trail #60
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Doe Mountain Trail #60Sedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 17 2020
Hiking2.88 Miles 503 AEG
Hiking2.88 Miles   1 Hour   54 Mns   1.57 mph
503 ft AEG      4 Mns Break
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Decided to get out of town to hike to beat the heat and Sedona was my pick.  I ended up doing a Plan C that was Plan A but only 1/2 of Plan A.  You know how sometimes things happen for a reason; well today that is what happened.  I had decided on Plan B of doing Soldier Pass with the Arches and Brins Mesa Loop; but, the lot was full and it was too much of a hassle to drive back out to 89A and over to the Jordan TH. So I went back to Plan A which was now Plan C :wrt: and drove out to Doe Mountain and would combine that with Mescal Trail.

I got the last spot at the TH and put on my boots and said "hello" to my backpack which I hadn't spoken to since August.  I really didn't need that for this particular hike but I had planned on the longer hike at Brins so this would have to do.  I had forgotten how UP this trail is initially and that it veers to the west before heading east; however, it is in the shade which is nice.  The trail seems much more worn than I recall from my hike in May 2012.  There was an elderly couple who needed some assistance and a hiker in front of me helped them out.  I didn't think this elderly couple would make it to the top as it's not the easiest of climbs but just as I got back from my loop about an hour later, there they were.  I gave them "kudos" and wished them luck on the way down.  I also told them to go over to the other side of the mesa where they could sit down and enjoy the views for their labors.

There were quite a few people sitting along this east side for the first 1/2 mile or so and then I was on my own for the rest of the hike.  Like last time, I tried to stay closer to the side of the mesa because that's obviously where the views are and those, my friends, are some great views almost all the way around with the key being ALMOST.  The south side had some cairn castles and little cairn forts on the exposed rock sections.  But this is Sedona so the cairns are probably for vortexes of some sort.  I did try working with my phone camera's zoom again and I'm still displeased so I may try to contact Samsung to see if there is an issue.  I also did a few videos with the phone as I continue to test whether I like it or my camera better for movies.

On the southwest side, sadly on the valley floor there are some huge houses going in and they were constructing away while I was making my way along this side of the mesa.  They've even put in a giant pond.  So it interferes with the picture taking which is disappointing.  There were two couples that I could hear in the distance off and on for the rest of the hike as I skirted around this west side.  It's amazing how rough the trail is on this whole hike with all the rocks and such.  I guess it's not really a trail per se but a path.  I still took strolls over to the edges and tried some different kinds of shots since this was going to be more of a photographic hike.

I got back to the start where I encountered that elderly couple that had just made it up.  It took them an hour :o to tackle that 1/2 mile; now that's perseverance : rambo : .  I do hope they made it down okay.  The husband said the wife read that it was rated an easy hike.  That is not how I would rate this hike as even when you're on top, it's not the easiest going either.  I think he did much better than she did but still; what an effort on their part.  I was glad to get down as it's not the easiest trail as it's slippery and so worn now.  There are step-offs that you really have to find a hand-hold to get down the bigger step downs; mostly because you don't want to slide when you land.  There was a lot of people traffic as I was coming down too.

I need to remember to hike this counter-clockwise next time.  I had my sandwich under a tree while I tried to find the directions to the Mescal Trail on HAZ.  The internet was dicey out here so I couldn't find what the TH name was and when I asked google, it said I didn't have any internet.  I guessed that it was the Long Canyon Road but that was a wrong guess. I could have started from there but it was so crowded as were all of the trailhead access points on this road.  I had to remind myself it was Tuesday as it seemed like a weekend out here.   

So I decided I would stop by the Romain Room at Sedona Consignment and check out what the new owners had done with it and then do Airport Mesa Loop.  Once I went back and looked at what was the Romain Room I knew this was not good as everything was red-tagged at 1/2 price.  Our previous contract was supposed to be honored but that was not the case nor did this person have the passion about the art as the previous owner.  I made the decision to take everything out which meant making room in Tonto Jr for all of these framed art pieces.   

Nothing like driving all that way and back for a 2.88 mile hike but it just seems like 2020 continues to bite! I think the AEG the phone's route came up of 965 was incorrect so I changed it to 503 ft. Here is the video I put together [ youtube video ] I do like the movies the Note produces, the stabilizer is great and picture quality seems nice as well. It just seems harder to hold the phone and hike and film; it's a phone balancing issue that I haven't figured out.

Here is the video from 2012 (all movies), it's interesting to look back on it vs now: [ youtube video ]

WATCH:  2.88 miles in 1:55 at avg speed 1.4MPH (4520 to 4995 feet), avg 124 bpm with max 176 bpm, burned 698 calories, 63.8 degrees and 20% humidity at 11:59AM
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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