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Camino de Santiago - Leon, WW
mini location map2019-05-18
12 by photographer avatarPhxRiles
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Camino de Santiago - Leon, WW 
Camino de Santiago - Leon, WW
Hiking avatar May 18 2019
Hiking16.00 Miles
Hiking16.00 Miles   5 Hrs   30 Mns   2.91 mph
11 LBS Pack
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For those interested, I'm posting journal entries and photos I kept during my Camino de Santiago hike in Spain from Leon to Finisterre in May/June 2019. I started on May 18 and arrived in Santiago de Compostela 16 days and 200 miles later, on June 2. Believing that "failure to prepare is like preparing to fail," I hiked about 6-10 miles each day for 6 months prior. A friend who had hiked the Camino before suggested hill training, saying the hills of Spain "were many and steep." Good advice. I researched pack type, and what I'd need to take in my pack. Anything essential, but nothing extra. I hadn't hiked all that much before, and I'd worked a desk job for almost 30 years. At 60, did I have what it takes? Would I get blisters? What would other Camino hikers be like? Those questions and more would soon be answered. Here's Day 1.

Flew into Madrid yesterday and took the ALSA bus to Leon. No real problems, but I wandered around Leon for awhile before finding the hoped-for yellow arrow showing me the way to Santiago. It was late afternoon, and my hostel was outside of town in an industrial area. I'm feeling my way, but ready to get started.

In the town of Hospital de Orbigo. 16 miles today, mostly flat and often mind-numbing. Steady 15 to 20 mph wind, probably in the 50s, so fairly cool. Started at 7:30am, stopped about 1pm. I'm actually a day ahead of schedule since I planned on stopping here the SECOND night. Weather is good so I'd like to make time before the hills appear. Last couple miles were difficult, but feel better now that I've cleaned up and done laundry. A good first day. Staying in an albergue room with bunk beds, 4 beds on a room. One roommate is a female from Brazil, along with a German couple who speak little English. No blisters, and the pack feels pretty good.
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