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Camino de Santiago - Foncebadon, WW
mini location map2019-05-20
13 by photographer avatarPhxRiles
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Camino de Santiago - Foncebadon, WW 
Camino de Santiago - Foncebadon, WW
Hiking avatar May 20 2019
Hiking14.00 Miles
Hiking14.00 Miles   5 Hrs   30 Mns   2.55 mph
11 LBS Pack
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Day 3: I'm dedicating today's walk to my Camelback Bible friends. Pastor Jim, Pastor Luke, Craig, Judy, Terri, and my co-greeter John, among others. You enrich my faith and help me practice His love. Endure, endure, endure. I killed it today! Made it up the hill to Foncebadon, almost the highest point on my journey. Rabanal was my decision point. It was 11am, 3 1/2 hours in. I felt a couple warm spots on my left toes, the first sign of trouble I'd had. To go or stay? I was already ahead of schedule. I stopped at the local store and got some cotton to put between my toes. 4th and 3 at my opponents' 30-yard line. Go for it or kick a field goal? I already had a 3-point lead. This is where championships are won. So I went for it. 6km uphill, to Foncebadon. And it took me less time than I expected. Tired when I got here, but happy and recovering quickly. This is where all the hill training on South Mountain paid off. I'm feeling confident...3 days in and no real problems. I've developed a rhythm, which is great for me given my personality.

Staying at Monte Irago albergue. Was entertained by several Spanish peregrinos playing guitar and singing across the street before dinner. And there's several familiar faces at my albergue from last night at Las Aguedas. So it's walk with people for awhile, then they'll disappear. Hopefully I'll meet more new people tomorrow. I'll pass the Cruz de Ferro early, the highest point on the Camino at just over 4900'. I've had really good weather so far, not even a hint of rain.
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