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Camino de Santiago - Samos, WW
mini location map2019-05-26
18 by photographer avatarPhxRiles
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Camino de Santiago - Samos, WW 
Camino de Santiago - Samos, WW
Hiking avatar May 26 2019
Hiking13.50 Miles
Hiking13.50 Miles   6 Hrs      2.25 mph
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Day 9: Samos. Dedicating today to Lion Tom. Started from Fonfria at 6:30am. As I started down the hill to Triacastela, I was greeted with a tremendous sunrise and equally spectacular above-the-clouds views. One of those mornings you can't stop taking photos. The trail to Triacastela was almost all downhill, very steep, much like the trail into Molinaseca, but of better quality. Still, those downhill sections are tough on your legs and feet!
At Triacastela I had a choice...take the common San Xil route, or the longer, less-traveled route through the country to Samos. I took the Samos route and didn't see another hiker for perhaps 5-6km. Very pretty, but also rather lonely. Maybe I needed a day like this, some "me" time. All told, about 13.5 miles today. I knew I couldn't go past Samos since it's the last real town on this route for another 10km.
Still no rain. Makes hiking easier, but I have yet to be truly initiated.
According to the markers, I'm about 128km (about 77 miles) from Santiago. I'll go through Sarria tomorrow...that's about 112km from the finish line. From there the traffic should pick up substantially. Many people start their pilgrimage from Sarria since you need to hike at least 110km to get your Compostela (certificate).
Good news is I should have cleared the major hills. One or two lesser climbs, but nothing like the last several days.
So I had checked into the albergue and was downstairs getting a snack. Who shows up but my Camino Angel! I'd figured she'd take the San Xil route. But, no. Maybe because she's a strong Catholic and wanted to see the monastery in Samos. We decided to take the 4:30pm tour of the monastery. The difference between us: at 4:10, we're on the back lawn of the monastery, just enjoying the afternoon. I knew we had to get tickets for the tour and needed to get to the front of the building at the gift shop. Uh, let's get going so we don't miss the tour. 4:20 we get moving...slowly. We got to the gift shop right at 4:30, I got two tickets, and we joined the tour...just as they closed the entry door. The tortoise-and-hare game continues. :-)

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