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Camino de Santiago - Fonfria, WW
mini location map2019-05-25
20 by photographer avatarPhxRiles
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Camino de Santiago - Fonfria, WW 
Camino de Santiago - Fonfria, WW
Hiking avatar May 25 2019
Hiking12.00 Miles
Hiking12.00 Miles   6 Hrs      2.00 mph
11 LBS Pack
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Day 8: Fonfria. This day is dedicated to Stuart and Stan. The mountains they climbed in battling ALS and Parkinson's were far more difficult than the hills I climbed today. They were frequently in my thoughts as I struggled up O Cebreiro and Alto do Poio.
I left La Faba at 7am. Clear and chilly, about 37 degrees with a breeze. Clouds covered the mountaintops over O Cebreiro, providing breathtaking views. The trail was again steep in spots, making for slow going. When I got into the clouds, it was like walking up Twin Peaks in San Francisco. Cold, breezy an enveloped in fog. Took just over an hour to reach O Cebreiro at the top. At one point I came to a crossroads in the fog near O Cebreiro. No yellow arrow to be seen. I guessed at which way to go...fortunately I guessed correctly!
Took a rest break at Linares. Shortly thereafter, my Camino Angel reappeared. She was still battling a respiratory infection and feeling tired. I knew I had to stay with her and keep her company. It had been a lonely morning for me until this point, so our meeting worked out well for both of us. I'd picked up a scallop shell in O Cebreiro and hooked it to my pack. It clanked against the pack and sounded like a cowbell, so she gave me a new name: Covin, pronounced "Cow-vin." We had lunch after climbing the hill to Alto do Poio and ran into a couple from TX who were UT fans. When we hit the trail again, Yosie took a short video of me singing "The Eyes of Texas." We seem to play well off each other...yin and yang. She is truly amazing.
I had thought Albergue A Reboleira was booked, but Yosie insisted I check. Turns out they had a private room available! So I'm here in Fonfria where i planned to stay.
The climb up to Alto do Poio is short but steep, much like O Cebreiro. So i actually had TWO steep climbs today.
Once you get to O Cebreiro you enter Galicia. The menu changes...caldo gallego (a vegetable soup) becomes a main staple.
Total mileage just under 12 miles, a lot of it difficult.

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