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Lost Goldmine Ridgeline, AZ
mini location map2021-03-10
41 by photographer avatarvanman
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Lost Goldmine Ridgeline, AZ 
Lost Goldmine Ridgeline, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 10 2021
Hiking9.67 Miles 2,899 AEG
Hiking9.67 Miles   10 Hrs   18 Mns   1.13 mph
2,899 ft AEG   1 Hour   43 Mns Break
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I've been fascinated with everything just to the east of Hieroglyphic since I first saw Peak 3915 eight years ago. Chuparosa, Ermahgerd, Peak 3915 and what I call the Mushroom Rock Cliffs are all on the list. Lately I've been wondering if it was possible to go from Balancing Rock to the Wave Cave. Today was my first hike past Peak 3915 to explore a possible route. I wanted to get to the big drainage near Mushroom Rock.

Started at 8:00 and made good time up past Balancing Rock and over to the part of the 5057 route that shoots up through the hoodoos (~4000ft). From there it was off-trail past the whole fallen saguaro and across the high ledge. Past 3915 and into the unknown down toward Ermahgerd (which was tougher than expected). Down by the cliffs I was quickly stuck in a maze of rocks. Made some adjustments and got close to the spots I wanted to see then headed for the drainage.

This is a cool spot! Would love to see water slicing down through here! I really wanted to go down near the bottom but time and energy said no! I could have crossed over and gone a little further towards Wave Cave (now wish I would have), but I had a snack, took some pictures and noticed the arch!

Heading back I got drawn into the eastern edge of Ermahgerd. Got some great shots of the cave! Made the tough climb back up to 3915 and walked around on that weirdness then went back down past Balancing Rock. Got to the car at 6:00 pretty worn out but very happy!! Last night I said I'd never do it again but today I'm not so sure!!! :D
Natural Arch

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