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mini location map2021-03-31
9 by photographer avatarJim_H
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Window PeakTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hike & Climb avatar Mar 31 2021
Hike & Climb13.60 Miles 4,650 AEG
Hike & Climb13.60 Miles   8 Hrs      1.88 mph
4,650 ft AEG      45 Mns Break10 LBS Pack
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Yesterday was a warm but perfect day to hike Window Peak, because it was calm. It was windy the day before, and it's very windy today( April 1) as I write this. Also, it had been just over 5 years [ triplog ] since I was last up here, and it had been 10 months before that [ triplog ] when I had last traveled all the way up Ventana Canyon. Being after the fire last June, I figured it might be worth hiking up again.

It is hard to tell, but it looks like Ventana Canyon Trail was already starting to fall apart and have problems before the fire. The Bighorn fire didn't help. You have to follow cairns in a few spots and erosion is increasing now, too. There is a conservation trail crew doing light work down lower, but nothing yet up high where it is needed.

Some of the canyon burned hot, but this canyon has more intact or recoverable oak canopy so there will be shade, and more in the future. Unlike the forest in Finger Rock Canyon, it isn't burned over where you want it most.

The Area of Esperero around the peak is overgrown and dead. It was overgrown in the past, but after the fire almost all of it is dead and falling into what remains of the trail. I hated the Esperero Trail in 2015 [ triplog ] when I used it for Window Peak, and while I'll never bother with that hike again, I wonder what it looks like. The overgrowth was only bad around Window Peak as I recall.

I was happy to be in the shade of the canyon for my trip down, and there were tree frogs in the lower pools. [ youtube video ]

Also, because I was there and I had been hoping to capture a hawk that was circling the peak screeching, I took a summit video. [ youtube video ]
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