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Cuff Button Trail #276
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mini location map2008-09-23
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Cuff Button Trail #276Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 23 2008
Hiking7.80 Miles 1,500 AEG
Hiking7.80 Miles   7 Hrs      1.11 mph
1,500 ft AEG
1st trip
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This route is shown as a trail on some topo maps (Garmin and NG-Topo!). It is not a trail or a path! Much of it is a bloody brutal pathless route through head-high catclaw and heavy brush. I frequently had to hold the GPS in hand to try to follow the route.

- The section west from the Miles Ranch TH on the West Pinto Trail #212 was mostly pleasant but somewhat overgrown due to light traffic during the summer.
- The section north from Oak Flat on the unsigned Cuff Button trail is a mostly well defined path after the first 100 feet or so. The start of the trail closely follows the creekbed on the west bank. The trail is currently overgrown in spots and there is face high catclaw. This will improve during the cooler months since it gets some horse traffic.
- Once you pass Jerky Spring headed north, you'll get into heavy brush and catclaw thickets. Head down to the creekbed as soon as possible--there's less catclaw down there.
- Leave the creek at the old corral and stock tank and head uphill and east. We followed a path that matched the topo maps for a hundred feet or so but soon switched to a strategy of finding the easiest route through the brush while trying to head in the general direction of the route on the topo maps. Several times we followed game trails that took us several hundred feet off route.
- After heading cross country you'll be back in a creekbed headed east
- From prior trips, I knew the route starting south back to the Miles TH as shown on the topo maps is not the current path of use. The path south is currently overgrown and hard to follow due to the lack of horse traffic during the summer. I was constantly loosing the path and having to find it again using GPS tracks from earlier trips.

Unless you love the challenge of fighting your way through catclaw, the best way to see this country is on a horse while wearing leather chaps.
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