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Peak 2887' Big Horn Mountains, AZ
mini location map2013-12-31
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Peak 2887' Big Horn Mountains, AZ 
Peak 2887' Big Horn Mountains, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 31 2013
Hiking5.57 Miles 1,870 AEG
Hiking5.57 Miles   3 Hrs   50 Mns   1.97 mph
1,870 ft AEG   1 Hour    Break
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Following the directions from the ridgeline portion of this hike posted on the site, I made my way out to the Big Horns once again with the goal of getting up peaks 2339' and 2887' with a short traverse of the ridge in this section.

After driving out west and finding my way over the CAP and on the eastern side of the range I found my spot to park and start my hike. Peak 2339' was less than a mile away and didn't take me more than twenty five minutes to get up as a gentle ridge with some scattered cholla made for a great warm up for the day. No summit register on top, but some stack rocks let you know others have been up here before. From up here I would look over my route to get up onto the ridgeline and over to Peak 2887'. Wow does this ridge look as good and hard as I remember from being in the area before. I pick my ridge to head up and start to wonder if I can even get up this peak.

Heading for this awesome boulder carve out sticking away from the ridge I made my way up at a good steady pace in the shade and avoided anything that wanted to stick me. At the base of the boulder I approached my first saddle for the day and had my goal in sight. Wow does she look great, a short traverse just below the ridgeline as a sheer rock wall prevented me from getting up in the section I came in on I was now on the ridgeline at a point where a giant drop off on the sharp rock even gave me a little vertigo. On to the base of the peak.

I got to the base around the 2600' contour and now it was time to play which way do I scramble up this peak. I picked the southern end first thinking it looked good, only a few hand holds crumbled on down the mountain on me and shortly I found a sheep den looking on over at Big Horn Peak itself, man can they pick the places to hangout. I came to a sharp rock face here where I looked around and knew this wasn't the route to go. Another straight drop of a few hundred feet waited below and I had to shake my head in defeat as my southern approach wasn't going to work. Oh well, time to work my way down and find another path.

With some less intense scrambling involved, I made my way to the northern side of the peak and was able to find my way to the 2800' foot level where it ramped out and provided a nice steep hike to the top. Wow what a view, pretty much dead set in the middle of this jagged range with views of everything. I noticed there was a summit register up here where I was the 5th person to sign in 10 years, got to love that. I snapped some pics and busted out my beers with the hardest decision of the day to make, which one to drink now? Spent some time up top soaking in the views and getting some sun as it was just perfect being around 70 degrees.

The way down I almost retraced my steps but found a little bit more of a direct route back to my Jeep without too much hassle. Doing this allowed me to see my first desert tortoise, or what was left of it anyway. Just a shell, with a huge hole in it, I guess something had a good meal long ago. I also ran into an old mining site where the left over trash was just amazing to see, I have never seen so many rusted cans in all my life. Back to the Jeep and took my time driving out as this area is just so amazing to be in.
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Big Horn Peak Sugarloaf Mountain
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