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Back to the Rim, AZ
mini location map2015-08-21
28 by photographer avataroutdoor_lover
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Back to the Rim, AZ 
Back to the Rim, AZ
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Back to the Rim to Meet up with Friends and do a Canyon.... :y:

Friday: Grabbed a Campsite late Afternoon and Camped with 2 of the 3 Friends. Scott would be joining us the next Morning for the Canyon...Nice Campfire.... :D

Saturday: Canyon....Everyone went Home after the Canyon was over, except me...I really didn't have anything going for Sunday and was in no hurry to get back to the Heat... :sweat:

Sunday: Packed up and although I had a Hike in Mind, a couple of Factors made me decide against it...The fact that I didn't take the Info for it and although it wasn't even Noon yet, the Clouds and Thunderous Booms approaching made me take Pause and reconsider. I decided to do a Vehicle Tour and go see a Lake I had not yet been to... The Storm appeared to be moving NE to SW so I went NE in hopes that I would hit the Tail End of it...It was a Good Decision. The Lightning was Insane on the Rim... I'm really glad I wasn't Hiking, as I was flinching just Driving the Highway... I know a few of you were out there that Day... All I can say to that, is Wow... :sweat:

Passed a Sign that said Wildfire Ahead, but I didn't get to any Smoky Areas until I was almost to Blue Ridge Reservoir...It was a little Hazy and you could Smell it...It stopped Raining by the Time I got to the Lake...I spent a few Hours there checking it all out...Very Few People there, I think they all bailed earlier due to the Rain the Area got...I drove all the way to the Gate by the Dam, flinching and hoping that I didn't Slice a Tire...The Clearance was fine, but the Rocks.... :sweat: By the Time I got to that Point it was really looking pretty Dark again, so I didn't Hike down to the Dam...The Sneezeweed? was in Full Bloom all along the Road...Spent some Time watching a Bird flit around in a Bush and then another Bird enjoying a late Lunch...It was a nice little Trip to see an Area I hadn't seen yet. I will be returning very soon as it turns out and I'll get to see more... :D Headed Home from there about 4:00 or so and it started Raining again before I even got to the Highway...Good to see, as the Area where we had Camped was looking pretty Dry actually...I'm sure they got some over there as it was almost on Top of me before I even left the Campsite.... :)

Another Nice Weekend in the Pines... :y:
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Along Blue Ridge Reservoir....
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