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Camp Grasshopper Wander - Sierra Ancha, AZ
mini location map2016-03-22
14 by photographer avatarOregon_Hiker
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Camp Grasshopper Wander - Sierra Ancha, AZ 
Camp Grasshopper Wander - Sierra Ancha, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 22 2016
Hiking2.20 Miles 817 AEG
Hiking2.20 Miles   3 Hrs   5 Mns   0.71 mph
817 ft AEG12 LBS Pack
1st trip
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Last full day in the Sierra Ancha on a week long camping trip with Grasshopper. Hank decided to hang around camp and start packing for our departure the next day. I decided to go exploring up a hill that overlooked our camp and then along a ridge that led over to the edge of Billy Lawrence Canyon. The hilltop overlooking camp had a rock outline of a small rectangular rock hut of possible Indian origin but no sign of pottery sherds. I expected to find more ruins as I searched further along the ridge top towards Billy Lawrence canyon but I found none - just a great view of a cliff dwelling in an alcove on the other side of Billy Lawrence Canyon which Hank and I had been to last year. From there I hiked down the bottom of a dry wash which passed near our camp and was surprised to find the remains of an old marijuana grow site only 0.2 miles from our camp (and the road). Hundreds of feet of black irrigation tubing and about a half dozen empty 20 lb fertilizer sacks littered the wash. There did not appear to be a perennial spring in the area so it's a mystery where they got the water. The fertilizer bags had a 2007 date code so the site must have been 8 to 9 years old. Then it was back to camp to relax in a chair with a cold beer (or two) while watching Hank work.

I forgot to mention in my 3/20 triplog on the hike in Devil's Canyon that Hank and I encountered a damsel in distress on the way back to camp. I only mention it because I know Chumley enjoys my write-ups of such encounters, especially when I don't post a picture of the damsel. We were driving up a one lane section of FR203 a short distance from where it crossed the bottom of a drainage when we were stopped by a 4x4 pickup truck blocking the road with what appeared to be a broken right front axle or collapsed suspension. No one was in the truck, it appeared to have been abandoned. I walked up to the truck to see if I could clear some boulders out of the way so we could get by when out of no where this young women pops up from somewhere in front of the truck to greet me with a friendly smile. After a brief conversation to determine what was going on we learned that the young lady could not speak English very well having just arrived in our country from Italy. Her boyfriend had left her alone while he walked up the road to get help. Although she was not exactly dressed for the outdoors and the approaching cold evening, she convinced us she would be OK. So we cleared a path around the truck and drove the short distance to our camp. In camp we began to have second thoughts about leaving her alone but just then her boyfriend walked into camp. He had been unable to find a friend who had been driving a second vehicle ahead of them. Hank gave him a ride back to his car to bring his girl friend back to our camp - it was beginning to look like we would have visitors for the night. Fortunately shortly after they returned to our camp their friend showed up in a FJ Cruiser and said he could get them help in Young so they were spared a night camped with a couple of strangers. We never saw them again and two days later when we checked, the damaged pickup truck was gone.
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