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Peak 5057 & Dacite Super Loop, AZ
mini location map2016-12-10
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Peak 5057 & Dacite Super Loop, AZ 
Peak 5057 & Dacite Super Loop, AZ
Hiking12.20 Miles 4,038 AEG
Hiking12.20 Miles
4,038 ft AEG
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1st trip
5057 has been on my hit list for a while now, today felt like a good day to check this one off the list.

The morning started off promising, with a great sunrise as I headed east on US60.

I met up with Linda just before 8AM at the Lost Goldmine TH. Our out and back quickly turned into a loop hike, which was fine by me, I got to pick up a few more uniques, I prefer loops anyway, and I wanted to do some recon on the area between West Boulder and Fremont Saddle.

The climb up to West Boulder Saddle was steep, but we took it at a very manageable pace. The views you get after you gain the ridgeline are incredible. I can't wait to see everything between 5057 and Flatiron. The peak did not disappoint, offering great 360 degree views as advertised. The small but steep scramble near the top where you really have to use your hands is fun.

I also enjoyed the route connecting West Boulder Saddle to Fremont Saddle, and Robbers Roost. I've always been curious where you might find the closest naturally occurring pine trees to the valley. I guess this depends on where you put the center of "the valley", I'm thinking more along the lines of the east valley, because that's where I live. Although I believe the ones near the top of Flatiron are closer, the few found in this area are quite hardy. I love finding places like this. I saw a couple of spots in the sand along this drainage that looked like they might be good for some cowboy camping, but not much room to set up a tent.

I will refer you to Linda's triplog for the our good deeds of the day, including the SAR story... But I would like to add that in addition to her listed deeds, we also picked up multiple pieces of trash, a headlamp, and a jacket some pumpkin decided to abandon on Cave Trail. I think we've built up enough good karma on this trip to last us well into the next few years. Rest assured, I am ready to ride this wave of good fortune that is about to come my way.

Good hike, great company, and a nice warm day in December. I now know if I need to re-up on some karma, hike with Linda! :lol:

Small pools in the drainage just after West Boulder Saddle but before the climb onto the ridgeline.

Small pools and a couple medium sized pools in drainage between West Boulder Saddle and Robbers Roost.

Small pools and a the bigger pool that would require a repel (or maybe there is a way around that I don't know about) to get to.

No flow anywhere. Looking pretty sparse out there, though my expectation going in was to see no water at all.
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