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Peak 5057 & Dacite Super Loop, AZ
mini location map2016-12-10
5 by photographer avatarLindaAnn
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Peak 5057 & Dacite Super Loop, AZ 
Peak 5057 & Dacite Super Loop, AZ
Hiking12.20 Miles 4,052 AEG
Hiking12.20 Miles   7 Hrs   25 Mns   1.89 mph
4,052 ft AEG      58 Mns Break
1st trip
Originally, Dallin & I had planned an out & back to Peak 5057 via Carney. Sounds like fun to me, and then I mentioned that I prefer parking at the Lost Goldmine trailhead since the Wave Cave crowd wears on my patience. Then I texted him back, and said that since we'll be up there, we should go to Robbers Roost. He was agreeable, and then I downloaded some routes for a few options, especially since we'd be parked at Lost Goldmine, it would give us some choices for the return.

We met at Lost Goldmine just before 8:00, and got started. Immediately there was discussion of returning on Peralta or Cave, so we decided a loop was in order for the day. West on Lost Goldmine, and as soon as we reached Carney, there were about 5 or 6 kids looking sort of lost. They started following us, and I quietly said "What do you want to bet they miss the turn to Wave Cave?" Yep, a few minutes later, they missed the turn. We sent them on the right path and gave ourselves credit for our good deed for the day. We made our way up Carney--slowly on my part, then headed west on the Ridgeline trail. We were at the summit of 5057 less than three hours into our day.

After a 30 minute lunch break, we headed back down and retraced our steps to West Boulder Saddle, seeing only one person along the way. From the saddle, we headed over to Robbers Roost, then over to Fremont Saddle. We saw a handful of people, but continued over to Cave trail. We had a quick snack at the cave, then kept moving. This is where it got interesting, and we were not done with good deeds for the day...

At the top of Devils Slide, I had offhandedly mentioned to Dallin that it was important to make sure you were coming down the gully slightly more to the east, otherwise it would be a good way to get stuck. Comment was made, then immediately forgotten. Once we had had come down from the tub, we barely heard some voices. For a second, I though it was sound drifting up from Peralta, but it got a little louder. We looked over to the north, and saw two people waving, then calling out for help. They had obviously not come down Devils Slide and were stuck. Going back up didn't seem to be an option for them, and there didn't seem to be a safe way for them to continue down.

We asked if they had cell service, they said they had a weak signal and had called for help, but our impression was that they had been there for a while. We told them not to move, and we started moving around to different high points to see if we could get a signal. Dallin was able to get through to Pinal SAR and gave them our coordinates and a description of where the hikers were stuck. I let the hikers know what we were doing for them, reminded them they would be okay if they stayed put, and took some pics of where they were.

Since there was nothing else we could safely do for them, we continued down the trail, hoping to meet someone at the trailhead to whom we could provide info. A few minutes later, a helicopter came up the canyon...and went right past us and the hikers, continuing north past Fremont Saddle. I called Pinal SAR back and was able to directly relay to the pilot to come back south, and then talked him over to where the hikers were. He confirmed to me that he could see the hikers, but that he didn't have a place to land, so I hung up with him and we kept hiking toward the trailhead. The helicopter flew back south and Dallin & I joked that he was going to land at the Lost Goldmine lot and our cars would be stuck.

Coming down Bluff Springs, we could see that, yes, the helicopter was where we were parked, and there were a bunch of other vehicles too. Rescue personnel are my favorite, and I suddenly started putting out my fastest speeds of the day. At the lot, we talked with the rescue personnel after they realized it was us they had been on the phone with earlier. We gave them some more info, I texted them the pics of where exactly the hikers were, we talked about the best routes to take up there, we wished them good luck for a safe rescue, and then we got out of the way. Hopefully the rest of the rescue went smoothly!
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