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Perry Tank Canyon Loop, AZ
mini location map2016-12-10
30 by photographer avatarHansenaz
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Perry Tank Canyon Loop, AZ 
Perry Tank Canyon Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 10 2016
Hiking6.53 Miles 1,984 AEG
Hiking6.53 Miles   7 Hrs   30 Mns   0.87 mph
1,984 ft AEG
1st trip
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I had been thinking about this one for a while. I had done several walks in upper Perry Tank Canyon, the section roughly between the windmill and the power lines (waaay overhead). I had also walked lower PTC between the side canyon and the Agua Fria River. But I wanted to walk the middle section, the one below the Pueblo Pato ruin.

I was a little bit apprehensive though because I knew there were (at least) two big drops in this section, one (under the power lines) I had struggled down before and the other I had looked down before retreating - well, it had been about turn around time anyway 8-[ .

Nice morning and it was cool to see a big herd of pronghorns in the middle of Perry Mesa as I drove near my starting point. Good walking as I headed toward the side canyon which would take me down to PTC. I walked this canyon once before, and it's a bit rough but at least this time I saw some petroglyphs I missed on that earlier trip.

I was glad to reach the intersection with Perry Tank Canyon because the views opened up and there was some nice color and big trees. I headed up canyon, new ground for me, but it soon turned into a thicket which I had to bypass high. Seemed to be some springs there.

After this though it was easier going, but unfortunately I saw no signs that the ancients spent time down here, directly under the habitation site. When the canyon twisted and narrowed I knew I was approaching the first big step, but before reaching it I hit a smaller step that was tough to climb. It was slick crumbly rock and I decided it would be better to bypass to the left. This was a slow and steep traverse that went pretty high. It wasn't clear how it would turn out, but after turning a corner I found it was easy access to the creek and I was at the top of the big drop I'd worried about. So that was good.

Further up, under the power lines I hit the other one I was worried about. I decided to try a climb on the right side, and though it was past my comfort zone, it worked. I did use my pen knife to trim ~20 agave points to make the last move possible.

From here it was familiar territory and not difficult. I didn't bother to find all the various petroglyphs and grinding spots along the way but I did want to end with the real nice petroglyph Mike found on our last trip there. But somehow I missed it :oops: and carried on to the windmill at the top of the canyon. From here I circled back to the car.

Also visited a famous petroglyph site during this loop where I noticed a few more things than I had on a previous trip.

Good day! I don't have to walk that canyon again. Only 6 miles? My body is telling me it was a lot more...
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