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Mt Graham Summer 2018, AZ
mini location map2018-07-07
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Mt Graham Summer 2018, AZ 
Mt Graham Summer 2018, AZ
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Drove up early hoping to camp and see/ be in storms. Accomplished that. Morning I hiked some on the Cunningham loop trail across from the Grant Hill pull off above Hospital Flat. Fairly severe burn area from the Frye fire. Ashy soil on the old closed logging road. Nice flowers, and some grassy areas growing in. Some too brief areas of live trees. I would describe this area as a rehab type hike, good if you have an injury and want easy walking, or just want to stroll without much effort and have some quiet reflection.
Where small gullies crossed the road was washed out and severe erosion. I went off trail and up one tiny stream, to see if any pools. Ended up on another old road, this one with trees across it and deep grass, ended at a spring. I took it back to my road and car.

Spoke to a forest steward at Soldier Creek Camp. I hiked a little of the Grant Goudy trail as it was too early to get into my car camp. He told me only about a mile and half was passable, and the rest would be route finding. He also mentioned how the Aspen at the edge of the burn were putting out seed like crazy where the other Aspen away from the fire were not.
I would say it was less than a mile when the trail disappears. I am a pretty good route finder and found only brief snippets in the area with downed burned trees and what made it hard was vegetation growth and run off chutes in the dirt. I don't know this trail so could not begin to locate it. I went instead to the base of large cliffs and explored around there, then back to the car.
Car camped in my favorite spot, two vehicles drove slowly by me and I think were jealous I got it first. After I set up I was going to hike some of Clark Peak trail for photos, then it started clouding up, thunder , lightning and hard rain. I was glad I was inside the Toyota. It stopped then I went out to hike a little. A large cell came over and the updraft was crazy. I was trying to eat raspberries along the Clark Peak trail and the wind started and some of the tree tops were weaving in tiny circles. My rain poncho tried to levitate me, so I got into some small trees to block the wind. That passed, the photo taking wasn't that great as all was gray and very hazy. It was wonderfully cool however.
Nice night in the Toy, then a short hike this morning on the upper loop of Cunningham near the campground. Not much to recommend it, in heavy burn, and parts of the closed road deep in wood chippings from some of the logging done to keep some of the deadfall off the Swift trail.
The forest steward confirmed what I have read, Ash Creek trail is probably lost to immediate future hikers, he estimated 3-5 years, of course that depends on funding. To me that was the crown jewel of these mountains, still nice areas, but my fav is gone.
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