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Peak 4887 - Inspiration Quadrangle, AZ
mini location map2018-08-01
25 by photographer avatarCannondaleKid
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Peak 4887 - Inspiration Quadrangle, AZ 
Peak 4887 - Inspiration Quadrangle, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 01 2018
Hiking2.40 Miles 430 AEG
Hiking2.40 Miles   1 Hour   12 Mns   2.00 mph
430 ft AEG10 LBS Pack
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Tracey doesn't care for hot or humid, so it was another where should we hike? morning. We did Ord last week so let's go east and keep the drive under an hour. Realizing humidity would be an issue anywhere we went we figured we'd keep the hike short and do some recon by car for future hikes.

Hmmm... let's see, of the peaks I have yet to summit in the Inspiration Quadrangle, due to all the mining operations in the area, Peak 4887 is by far the most accessible, so let's give it a shot. Ok, Route Editor, let's see if we can map out the drive and hike.
Huh? :o
The newest FS 2016 overlay has erased Forest Road 287B from it's start to our intended trailhead for Peak 4887.
(FS 2013 showed it, so in this case newer is not better)
Oh well, I knew the road is still there and that portion is actually paved so I just used satellite view. We would find out not only does the road exist, it has plenty of traffic.

Ok, down to the business of planning... while perusing the area near Peak 4887 I noticed a spring called 'Vigor of Life' which was like holding a shiny object in front of me. While it has a label on HAZ it had no photo so that now became another reason to go there. Plus, neither of us had ever been in that area before, thinking it was all mining property. However, we found PLENTY of area which is still FS land open to the public, and of all the commercial and/or mining vehicles we met, none seemed to question what we were doing there. Which I take to be an invitation to return for more thorough exploration. (Later with Tracey when it's cooler/drier, or more likely by myself.)

First up, Vigor of Life Spring:
The GPS says it's within 400 feet, so let's head up the wash. Whoops! Back-track to the car and follow a long-unused mining track the 400 feet. Whoops again, too dry, but wait a minute, is that water down there? Back-track again and follow the LOWER wash. While the water emanates from a pipe out of an old adit, the whole slope is green so it appears the spring has pretty much been wiped out by the old road above. Whatever, I took a few photos so the Vigor of Life Spring will have photos with the label on HAZ.

Now for Peak 4887:
Although humid and upper 80's, thanks to an old mining road for 80% of the 'climb' and cow-paths the rest of the way it would be a quick-and-easy ascent, for me anyway... Tracey would still feel a bit overheated hours after we returned home.
Yup, two short hikes merged into one triplog but better than no hikes.

VIDEO: Peak 4887 summit panorama

A short side trip at the end of the hike and we were off on our leisurely drive home... plenty of slow truck traffic on US 60 so there was no rush.
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Vigor of Life Spring
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