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Haywood Canyon, AZ
mini location map2018-09-12
15 by photographer avatarkelly14
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Haywood Canyon, AZ 
Haywood Canyon, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 12 2018
Hiking5.83 Miles 1,314 AEG
Hiking5.83 Miles   3 Hrs   23 Mns   1.72 mph
1,314 ft AEG
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Wife gave me permission to go on a hike this morning without her. Told me it couldn’t be too cool though. So Riley and I set out to check out Haywood Canyon in the Black hills. (It’s the canyon that rt 89a climbs in and out of thru the black hills) There wasn’t much of rhyme or a reason just that I’ve driven past it multiple times and was intrigued by the all beautiful forest and steep canyon walls.

I took a quick jaunt up the Yeager canyon trail #28 at the beginning but after that headed up Haywood Canyon. As expected there was a little flow and a couple decent sized pools of water at the beginning. After that the canyon was mostly dry the rest of the way. The real surprise here was the fact that there was a really nice trail with some cairns and ribbons for im guessing 2.5 miles or so all the way up to near Haywood Spring! Was not expecting that. (I stopped when I could no longer find the ribbons aka the end of the trail?)

Someone took a lot of time to tie ribbons every 30 ft, trim the brush back, and even cut down trees. It was a surprisingly nice trail. Yes it’s uncomfortably close to the road for the beginning but after that it’s actually a really pleasant hike thru the pines with tons of deciduous trees towards the top/end. Tons of sign of critters too. Curious if this is a hike the locals know about?

If you can ignore the beer cans and highway noise for the beginning stretch the rest of the hike with the tall pines and into the oak forest might make a sweet hike come fall!

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Couple pools and flow just upstream where trail #28 crosses on the old bridge. otherwise mostly dry

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