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Isabella Loop
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mini location map2018-07-10
26 by photographer avatarkelly14
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Isabella LoopPrescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 10 2018
Hiking8.16 Miles 2,010 AEG
Hiking8.16 Miles   4 Hrs   54 Mns   1.85 mph
2,010 ft AEG      29 Mns Break
1st trip
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Wow! What a day. With the monsoon firing off the last few days we knew we had to get out there and experience it! Saw the Mount Union rain gauge had gotten 1.8in over the last couple days and figured the northern Bradshaw’s might be good. And after an amazing day can say we definitely made the right decision. Decided to do the “Isabella loop”

Loved every minute of it! It certainly helped that temperatures probably never got over 75 and we had mostly cloudy skies the entire time. The Isabella trail was beautiful and climbed gradually in a very wet and lush forest 😊. Not 30 seconds In saw 2 little bucks sporting some small spikes and also were welcomed with multiple claps of thunder. The rain held off... till the end

Took the Groom Creek trail on up to Spruce Mountain. This was a gorgeous trail as well. The last few days of rain had it feeling like British Columbia. It was incredible. Had a quick lunch due to ominous skies and continued down to the little connector trail that would take us back to the Isabella Trail. Made a few stops in the canyon (which I believe were the upper stretches of Wolf Creek) There was a trickle of run off and some nice sized pools.

Got nervous looking for the connector trail it was atleast 100 yds farther down then we expected but found it, it was a very noticeable intersection.

Climbing up out the canyon we started hearing thunder!! We had our eyes on the radar the whole hike and yep it happened. A big ol thunderstorm developed right on top of us. Watching it develop on the radar as it happened in real life was cool. Immediately water was released from the sky and unleashed a hell of a downpour for a solid 10 minutes. Followed by another 10 minutes of drizzles. Kind of exhilarating having a thunderstorm break loose on top of you.

The trail turned into a mudbath but we had fun. Saw 2 more deer on the way out and heard some coyotes yipping.

The views of the storm clearing in the Bradshaw’s were breathtaking. Best hike in a while! I love monsoon season!
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