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Peak 2229 Bush Highway Loop, AZ
mini location map2018-11-01
35 by photographer avatarCannondaleKid
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Peak 2229 Bush Highway Loop, AZ 
Peak 2229 Bush Highway Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 01 2018
Hiking5.50 Miles 981 AEG
Hiking5.50 Miles   2 Hrs   59 Mns   1.90 mph
981 ft AEG      5 Mns Break20 LBS Pack
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Over probably thousands of times driving on Bush Highway we've always kidded each other we would take a hike from the gate 3/4-mile south of the Beeline intersection. I say kidded each other because Tracey HATES foxtails with a passion, and the area always appeared to have more than enough to raise her ire. And so, until now we never gave it a second thought.

However, since my ankle-height water-proof boots are an effective antidote for foxtails I have no issue with them... and so, what better time than a nice cool (55°) morning for a solo hike to check it out.

My plan was actually to start from the gate another half-mile south and hike to an old corral, a water tank and take a wide loop across Bush Highway, up Peak 2229 and back to the start. But when I arrived another vehicle was already parked there so I continued to this gate, starting my loop off with Peak 2229.

Not so much a peak as a hill, climbing 2229 was easy enough going up the ramp side on the north. On the way up I encountered a number of obviously man-made dirt humps/berms of which made no sense to me... they weren't burial mounds, not filled-in mines, not the place or right angle for erosion-control, not even as small water-holding tanks so I was at a loss as to why they were created. Whatever they were, I would encounter well over a dozen on other hills in the area.

While on the summit I caught sight of a herd of wild horses on a ridge just outside of my planned loop, which just meant I would be changing plans again. An hour later I would pay the horses a visit, filming the grazing and napping, both standing-up and laying-down naps.

Done filming that herd, it's time to cross Bush Highway by the gate I originally planned on starting, only to find two double-culverts providing me a way to pass under Bush Highway, so that's what I did.

Ok, now can finally get back to my original plan heading to the corral. On the way I caught sight of two more groups of horses, but lest I get sidetracked again I just noted where they were and continued on. As I approached the corral, I was met by a duet of horses, which appeared begging to be filmed so of course I happily obliged before moving on.

At the corral I found an upside-down Rubbermaid 300 gallon water tank and what had been a huge supply of hay bales... I said had been because although it had covered a large area, almost nothing was left.

Moving on to the water tank, as I expected after the October rains it had plenty of water. Now it's time to work my way back to the other herds of horses so I gauged my approach for the best view. But my stomach was growling loudly enough I had to take a quick food break.

That task completed I went searching for what had been the closest herd, only it wasn't there. A bit baffled I continued on to the last herd, which was still there, only it was dispersed a bit by thicker vegetation. But no matter, I'll just film and see what I get. I was rewarded not only by one horse taking a dirt-bath, but by a colt as well. Cool!

Ok, time to wrap up the hike and cross Bush Highway near where I parked. Luckily where I reached the highway I found a section of fencing just low enough to step over. Sweet! A great end to a very productive hike.

8:20 Video: Wild Horse Medley (Grazing, napping & dirt-bathing)
3:16 Video: Peak 2229 Summit Panorama
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