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Cerro de Trincheras, SO
mini location map2018-11-04
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Cerro de Trincheras, SO 
Cerro de Trincheras, SO
Hiking avatar Nov 04 2018
Hiking1.57 Miles 357 AEG
Hiking1.57 Miles
357 ft AEG
1st trip
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This was Day Three of the tour. I wish we could have had a little more time so as to finish the hike. The Southwest Missions Research Center puts on these 3 day visits along Mission Row so to speak. It really is well done (other than our bus lost A/C). They take care of everything including Happy Hours with fresh prickly pear au jus for your margaritas. And at every food stop, there was some Pacifico. Muy Bueno :) .

Before our little hike we got to see the Mammoth display in the museum. Then we headed up the boardwalk for a piece and across the tracks to the trail up the side of the mountain. I believe the trail is a couple miles to the top but we didn't have time to finish it. It is an interpretive trail so that you can appreciate what you are looking at. The trail is in pretty decent shape and a bit steep and rocky at times but short-lived. The views to the west are pretty incredible as well. They got the October rains so it was quite lush.

I highly advise if you're ever headed down toward Caborca or Hermosillo, this should be on your list. It's not too far off Highway 2.
Trincheras [ youtube video ]

The spring schedule is already listed.
More than 300 years ago…
a tireless Jesuit priest by the name of Eusebio Francisco Kino made countless forays on horseback throughout much of what is now the northern Mexican state of Sonora and Arizona. Father Kino brought with him ideas and material culture – chiefly the Christian faith, the Spanish language, cattle, and crops – that would change the region deeply and forever. Join us in retracing the steps of Kino and the missionaries who followed him. You’ll be guided by scholars and enthusiasts who know and love the region and volunteer their time to share it with others.
We also were lucky to visit the cemeteries during Weekend of the Dead celebrations. Decidedly, we need to pick up our game when we do Memorial Day decor up at my relatives gravesites in Idaho. Wendy is also a docent so we got to hear a lot about the Sonoran Desert; the topic of her online class at U of A. There is no lack of information on this tour.

Southwest Missions Research Center Tour - November 2018
Day 1 - Part 1 Tumacacori [ youtube video ] (a great tour by a tour director)
Day 1 - Part 2 Magdalena, Altar, Caborca [ youtube video ]
Day 1 - Part 3 Caborca Cemetery, Day of the Dead walk through [ youtube video ]
Day 2 - Part 1 San Antonio de Oquitoa [ youtube video ]
Day 2 - Part 2 San Diego de Pitiquito, Nuestra Senora de le Purisima and Concepcion de Caborca [ youtube video ] (we also got to picnic near a local river prepared by locals and it was delicious)
Day 2 - Part 3 local dancers present dances from the various Mexican states at our hotel in Caborca [ youtube video ]
Day 3 - Part 1 Caborca to Trincheras and Museum [ youtube video ]
Day 3 - Part 2 Trincheras hike [ youtube video ]
Day 3 - Part 3 San Ignacio and drive to the border [ youtube video ] (we also had a wonderful lunch at a local residence in their backyard near the mission - the food was awesome!)

Oh, I forgot to add... the last time I was thru Nogales was with my family in an RV, Dec 1972 over 45 years ago. We flew down to Phx and then borrowed an RV from friends in Sun City and drove via Hermosillo and Guaymas and Mazatlan to Mexico City via Guadalajara. I was 17, my brother 15 and my other brother 10 along with my parents and grandparents and a poodle. We also took that RV up to Taxco which was pretty scary as the roads were not the best. In fact, the candelabra we bot there, among other sterling silver, is for sale on eBay now. I still have the receipt even. Anyway, it was quite the trip with the highlight probably being the pyramids outside of Mexico City.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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