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Unexpected Ruth Hamilton and 8 and 1a plus, AZ
mini location map2018-10-27
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Unexpected Ruth Hamilton and 8 and 1a plus, AZ 
Unexpected Ruth Hamilton and 8 and 1a plus, AZ
Hiking6.04 Miles 844 AEG
Hiking6.04 Miles   2 Hrs   31 Mns   2.66 mph
844 ft AEG      15 Mns Break
1st trip
Well in my mind, I had planned to hike 8 to 8A to 304 to VOAZ and back across to Tonto Jr via 38th St TH. I ended up hiking to the right of 8 and then 8 up and over to 8B from the east side, two little peaks, 8A over toward 304 but took 1A instead of VOAZ and finished where I had planned.

I had kept watching for the saddle from where I was hiking a non-marked trail and I was confused. I thot when I hit what I thot was LV Yates 8 that I would be heading up to the saddle but it just didn't look right and it wasn't. I came around a corner and saw a couple other hikers on the trail ahead of me. It wasn't until I spotted the saddle to my left (north) that I realized I had traveled on the trail I had always wanted to travel but hadn't gotten around to yet. Sheesh. So essentially I hiked on the west side of the mountain when I should have been on the east ](*,) . Well when I got to the intersection that would take me to the left to the saddle or continue on east, I decided, what the heck, let's see what's over here.

I could hear voices so I know the trail continued for awhile. I had no idea where it went but I could always turn back. Soon it switched to the south as you continued climbing for about 1/4 mile I think. Not a serious climb but it got the heart rate up. I ran into a couple hikers going the opposite way so the trail must come from somewhere. As I come over the hill I see the white house and what looks like an old road to it. It was kind of cool to be so near the house I had admired since back in the early 2000s when I first started hiking this area. The question was, where did the trail go? Would it go around somewhere? NOPE, it went up that road ramp right to the gate.

After admiring the gate and the property and the view to the city, I continued down the paved road still having no idea where I would be going. I decided to go up by a power line to get a better picture of the city and wha la, there is a trail just below me. Well that's good since at this point I had only seen the paved road ahead of me, another road down to the east and then some sort of path behind that back where the gate was I think. So I get down to the trail and see a bench and a sign. Well here is the Ruth Hamilton Trail 8B. Joe had just mentioned it in his triplog a day or two before.

So I continued on the trail and saw that there was a faint trail up to a peak on the left (south) and figuring I would get some great views from there, almost straight up I went. I 360ed it and then saw, aha, another peak to its east that seemed to have a faint trail so what the heck, let's head UP that one too. I'm thinking Kelly would like this, two little peaks at once. The entry to both summits was pretty steep but very short. The view from up here was pretty cool as well and I could look down on lots of other hikers on the trail and saddle below me. The houses down near the 36th St area were pretty fancy (check satellite view). I also did my very first live FB video. It took three tries but I finally figured it out. When I went home to review the video, it was a bit jittery though.

Well that was very cool but now it was time to head down. I would hook up with 8A to go north therefore avoiding the crowds that were to the west. I encountered two hikers going down the hill. I saw a biker in the gully. Speaking of gullies, there were a few of those on the trail today but for the most part, the trails were in pretty decent condition. I was going to head over to 304 and do VOAZ but the breeze seemed to dissipate and my energy level was dropping so I did 1A instead and crossed over to up the green path across 100 and then east and around to 38th St. I had thot of even scratching the green path hill but the cross-breeze motivated me.

Anyway, for the best views, I would definitely do this hike in a clockwise fashion. I will be adding it to my workout hike repertoire. And now for my Q-T Frozen Cappuccino. How did this triplog get so long for a 6 mile city hike? :stop:
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I did spot one four o'clock flower going up that first peak. Ocotillos are very leafed out.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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