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Lookout again, AZ
mini location map2018-10-17
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Lookout again, AZ 
Lookout again, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 17 2018
Hiking2.83 Miles 546 AEG
Hiking2.83 Miles   1 Hour   6 Mns   2.65 mph
546 ft AEG      2 Mns Break
1st trip
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Lookout for a Reuben, Lookout Summit plus, Body Works plus Abs, Lookout again, Body Pump. First time I've worked out four days in a row for a long time and since it's a rarity, it's worth reporting. :lol:

This time I headed up the summit trail but then hung a right at the junction going toward the western humps. Today I started on the east side of the western humps where once again I saw some more gullies from the recent valley rains. I circled the western humps and stayed on the circumference as I headed east.

I saw where there was a scree trail up to a higher trail below Lookout but I passed that by and then came to another scree trail up just shortly past that. It was straight up but short. Toward the upper portion you could see where the rain had done quite a number where it starts to join one of the upper trails.

I continued on that trail and it comes to a part where you can go up further or go down a little. Once again I made the mistake and went up. I know this trail just keeps going up and up but once I committed.... I was hoping to find that one trail I missed on Monday on the NE side but I was too high and ended up at the saddle on the north side by the water tank.

I saw another trail that winded back to the east and I thot maybe that was the trail that would get me to the other trail but it wasn't. Instead I ended up going straight down a somewhat scree section and then off to the distance a little to the east I saw a trail and thot, "that's it"; so I crossed over to it. It does appear to be an old maintained trail as there is some stone work (see photo). Well I got on this trail and headed west thinking it might do a switchback down to the main trail but "wrong again" as I ended up on the first scree hill area by the water tank just above the main trail.

I'll find it, maybe next time. I did actually hike some new trail I hadn't been on once at that saddle. However, it basically takes you to the scree areas that go straight down altho there are a few paths that come off and on to that. Interesting how all of these various paths almost become trails.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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