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Peak 4141 Ruin Site, AZ
mini location map2019-05-01
19 by photographer avatarCannondaleKid
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Peak 4141 Ruin Site, AZ 
Peak 4141 Ruin Site, AZ
Hiking avatar May 01 2019
Hiking4.90 Miles 1,319 AEG
Hiking4.90 Miles   2 Hrs   19 Mns   2.12 mph
1,319 ft AEG12 LBS Pack
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I would be meeting Tracey near Doll Baby Ranch tomorrow so I was hoping to find something of interest in the vicinity. By happenstance, while using Route Editor I clicked on the CT 1930 map overlay and noticed not only was there an "Indian Ruins" label by the Doll Baby Ruins, but just over 3 miles to the northeast I noticed another Indian Ruins label.

Sounds like something to check out... so I switched to Satellite view and quickly located a ruin wall on the summit of Peak 4141. Ok, now let's figure out the best route to reach it. It appeared the best shot would be to start from somewhere along Forest Road 502. As it turned out I drove just over a half-mile out on Forest Road 502 before it got a bit sketchy for the 4Runner (by then it already gained plenty of new Arizona pinstripes) and I decided to hoof it from there.

The road walk to the Verde River seemed to go on forever but when I got there I realized I hadn't planned for the wet crossing... so I spent 15 minutes scouting for the best opportunity for a 'dry' crossing. I finally found a spot that if I used a zig-zagging hop-scotch method I should be able to make it without getting wet. I made it as far as the last rock, and wouldn't you know it, being the only rock which was wet, yup, my right boot slipped into the water on the last step to shore. Luckily the boots were waterproof and the step was quick enough only the pant leg got wet and I only felt the cold through the boot as though my foot was soaked.

The drama of the river crossing over I continued to the end of FR 502 then followed cow-paths and elk-trails as far up Peak 4141 as possible before the final scramble. Although the ruin perimeter was reasonably large, it appeared to only have been an observation point rather than a family (or larger) dwelling. By the total lack of any potsherds I'm sure the site has been visited many times, probably more so by game-hunters than ruin-hunters.

With another scouting hike on deck for today, I just took a few photos and video and headed back the way I came. Surprisingly, even having to take the first step on the wet rock I was able to make it back across the Verde without any issues.

Then instead of following FR 502 from the rivers edge, I followed a steeper but shorter route along a game trail to avoid at least part of the road walk... the rest being the same exercise of watching every step to keep from rolling an ankle on the loose rocky road surface. One hike done, on to the next.
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