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Pine Mountain Loop, AZ
mini location map2019-05-11
22 by photographer avatarjoebartels
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Pine Mountain Loop, AZ 
Pine Mountain Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar May 11 2019
Hiking16.75 Miles 3,912 AEG
Hiking16.75 Miles   10 Hrs   25 Mns   1.95 mph
3,912 ft AEG   1 Hour   50 Mns Break14 LBS Pack
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3.03 miles - 8:36 am
Interesting terrain, almost glorified McDowell's minus the hikers. McDowell's are dominating western view.

3.25 miles - 8:42 am
Bruce spotted the elusive white poppie. It flew away - 'nuff said!

3.60 miles - 8:51 am
Steep slopes on this trail are concerningly slippery. Bruce fell at least three times, luckily nothing serious.

6.90 miles - 11:06 am
General tread & width is not great. We witnessed a LOT of trimming. Thank you @mt98dew and @Anekantavada

7.98 miles - 11:40 am
We did this loop in shorts in 2012. It was a catclaw nightmare. Catclaw is mostly cleared now. Record rainfall = record foxtail. Less bloody. Less Pain. Don't get excited. Albeit subtle, the torture is consistent.

Crest to Rock Tank 8.30-9.10 miles
Difficult area to follow, needs a lot of Manzanita clipping.

8.25 miles - 11:50 am
This is one nasty hike that lures you in for more because you don't want to lose anything you gained.

8.78 miles - 12:15 pm
Just busted through a major bushwhack. Good times?

8.95 miles - 12:26 pm
Don't ever do this again without loppers!

Rock Tank
Loved it again, great lunch spot. No shade.

9.22 miles - 1:28 pm
Bruce got struck at by a snake that was rattling in a rock. I just heard buzzing, then heard Bruce holler. My hearing isn't good. Unsure of the situation I lowered to the ground thinking it was a beehive. Understood his second response. Got up. Saw a black snake with seemingly white stripes slither back into boulder crevasse. Zero interest to peek in the crevasse or get too close we busted a small brittle tree up so I could get through the area.

9.40 miles - 1:38 pm
Major cutting recent-and-old through this manzanita but it's going to need a lot more to be considered a trail.

9.69 miles - 1:50 pm
Previous cool stretch of pine covered trail is barely a trail now.

11.99 miles - 3:41 pm
Trail is an old road to the spring. Hard to believe something ever drove on the beat up grade.

Light rain for the balance of the hike. Cold but nice to forget about foxtails. Grass below knee level down to road. Moderate atv, motorcycle traffic. Not bad. Rain kept their speed down. Good ol' rowdy boys vs the laid back party line crawling up the backroad to Crown King. Neither irritate me, better than the psycho goat ropers in rural Oklahoma.

Bruce pretty much swore this one off. Understandable. I need the hand therapy so I'm happy to tag along with loppers if anyone hikes this, Bradshaws Twin Peaks or Mazzies Rock Creek.

Salomon Yellow Wings Flyte 2 - 2018 751.4 miles
Bruce suggested throwing away, they are an
Named place
Named place
Mountain Spring Rock Tank
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Light
Parry's Goldeneye - Substantial in areas of the lower portions
Dudleya - Substantial in two small areas
Cholla - Substantial on each specimen but not that many overall

Emory's Rock Daisy, Microseris - Moderate
Desert Cotton - Light to Moderate at lower elevations
Trailing Four O'Clock, Buckwheat, Desert Globe Mallow, Gooding Verbena - Light
Saguaros - Budding out, weak compared to last year

Sacred Datura, Colorado Four O'Clock, Lupine, Wallflower, Indian Paintbrush - Isolated

California Flannelbush - not blooming, just noticed
- joe
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