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WOR - Lemmon - Mint Loop, AZ
mini location map2019-06-29
22 by photographer avatarjoebartels
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WOR - Lemmon - Mint Loop, AZ 
WOR - Lemmon - Mint Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 29 2019
Hiking15.58 Miles 3,600 AEG
Hiking15.58 Miles   7 Hrs   10 Mns   2.40 mph
3,600 ft AEG      41 Mns Break14 LBS Pack
1st trip
Route Scout GPS Route Recorded on Route Scout View
9 Year hiatus hiking Wilderness of Rocks #44 is... inexcusable.

We jumped on Marshall Gulch Trail #3 or so we thought. Rather a sucker use-trail with some tree fall to negotiate. Route Scout hollered and we corrected the situation on a lighter use-trail up to the real #3.

The Aspen Fire burned 84,750 acres. While it wiped out areas such as lower Aspen Trail #93, Marshall faired extremely well.

Wilderness of Rocks #44
Massive pines, criss crossing the clear creek and the rock formations within... my idea of a great trail in Arizona. On a 110 degree day in the desert today it's toasty even at 7k on the lesser traveled west side.

Mount Lemmon Trail #5
Thanks to increasing clouds and a nice breeze the ascent back up went from get'r done to damn this is nice! Only a hint of hikers in the farthest reaches but I was impressed more than anticipated.

Meadow Trail #5A
Still a gem of a trail. We lunched on a popular 9,090 ft overlook above 8,808 Lemmon Rock Lookout.

Tarzan - Beat Chest
We passed a couple guys running ( more of a whining shuffle ) the short but steep loop with lookout. Per usual I asked if they were on their fifth lap. The gym dude lays into me how this was their second after lugging 60lbs on the first. He calmed back down to earth after congratulating and rooting 'em on. Didn't see a weight vest. Probably best as I may have tried and failed running away with

Aspen Draw Trail #423
Just an uber coolness to me about a ski lift above Tucson. We hiked down a ways then beelined it over to and under the lift. Looked like a nice hike straight back up so that was the ticket... Noticed 423 on topo. Researched and added to Lyding's 2007 Guide. Interestingly there is a 422 on the flipside of the lift. Couldn't find any info on that but would make a nice little loop.

Mint Spring Trail #20
Great trail IMO. Obvious signs of the fire. On the same token it's flaunting green all over. A fern stroll that reminded me of Butterfly. The eye catcher was ten foot fluffy pines in a few spots. I wouldn't drive the 40+ miles up and down the mountain behind slow sightseers just for this trail but it works in this loop.

We got hammered by gentle sprinkles finishing up the hike.

Heading in I typically dread the drive. Down to Tucson. Across the city void of freeways. Then a crawl pace up the nice highway. It isn't that bad and I love this mountain.
Named place
Named place
Mint Spring - Marshall Gulch Area
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Isolated

water 1 out of 5water less than maxwater less than maxwater less than max Lemmon Creek @ WOR #44 Pools to trickle Pools to trickle
water report recorded in the field on our app Route Scout crystal clear

water 1 out of 5water less than maxwater less than maxwater less than max Mint Spring - Marshall Gulch Area Dripping Dripping
water report recorded in the field on our app Route Scout Very tiny pool but it is sprinkling
Hike Arizona it ROCKS!
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