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Weaver's Lasso Loop from Peralta, AZ
mini location map2019-10-05
19 by photographer avatarjoebartels
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Weaver's Lasso Loop from Peralta, AZ 
Weaver's Lasso Loop from Peralta, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 05 2019
Hiking16.30 Miles 3,791 AEG
Hiking16.30 Miles   9 Hrs   7 Mns   2.09 mph
3,791 ft AEG   1 Hour   20 Mns Break20 LBS Pack
1st trip
Route Scout GPS Route Recorded on Route Scout View
Road in is minor washboard, per usual sedans will be fine. First I've noticed the treadle spikes at the horse lot. Main lot was about 40% full, restrooms tolerable.

Cool 60° morning start. The shaded ravine crossings still added to the ambiance. 5+ foot gopher snake at one mile. A couple was reluctant to continue. Semi impressed they took "it's okay" from me, largest I've seen... lol

Fremont Saddle was quiet... eerie. Started down north Peralta and wondered if there was a quicker way to the pine overlook. Right where it felt applicable I scrambled a rock slant and latched into a cairn route within two minutes.

Didn't have a trekking pole to do the Piper Spring test. Considered running through everybody's camp yelling good morning throwing agaves, minus Bob or any campers it lost value. Only a couple twigs of cats claw in the mile south of Piper Spring.

Snack of the day was a couple ounces of seasonal Fall Maple Trail Mix. Damn tasty $2 17oz Great Value from Walmart. Noticed the yogurt chips melting so I enjoyed a walking snack.

Got passed by a friendly tall kid with trekking poles. He yo-yoed taking photos or such and that was it for human life for hours. Lunched 10 miles in under north shade of the boulder at Terrapin Pass with a click of gnats. Healthy sodium enriched cheeto crunch knockoffs and sugar-free strawberry lemonade hit the spot.

Needle Canyon looked like a healthy green bushwhack from above. Lots of dry ripe foxtails on Terrapin.

Switched plans and opted for the Crosscut Route back. Small shallow pools of water along the middle of the route. Without a loaded route I guestimated RS would "switch" off trail alerts from west to east at 0.34 miles. WTH, alone and still losing bets... off trail 0.39 west switched to 0.38 east. A minute later it was 0.25 NE cause it's really a slant. 2/3rds across I took another break at the rock V saddle before it drops hard. Cool breeze on my back from the east was a furnace peeking over the V. Figured breaks were on my side. The longer I dragged increased shade options in Peralta Canyon.

Hit a Zipfizz. Fourth day testing. Thought this one might kick with 12.5 miles under the belt. Nope, tasty placebo, 1 for 4.

Slow paced hike with three long breaks. Upper 80's got toasty, then nice in dabs of shade ending down Peralta Canyon. 8 cars in lot at finish. Carried 3 quarts. Took the last squeeze from my bulb siphon in the final five minutes. Still had a frozen half quart in the last 2 miles, cycled it a few times to melt the ice.
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Isolated
Canyon Ragweed

dry Peralta Canyon Dry Dry
water report recorded in the field on our app Route Scout The Intrepid thirst monster will find small pools with exploring
- joe
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