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Kendrick - Pumpkin - Bull Basin Loop, AZ
mini location map2019-09-07
10 by photographer avatarjoebartels
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Kendrick - Pumpkin - Bull Basin Loop, AZ 
Kendrick - Pumpkin - Bull Basin Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 07 2019
Hiking17.63 Miles 4,949 AEG
Hiking17.63 Miles   9 Hrs   9 Mns   2.22 mph
4,949 ft AEG   1 Hour   13 Mns Break16 LBS Pack
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Passed hundreds of mtn bikes after turning off SR180. Apparently the Barn Burner Race was in full swing!

Not many vee-hicles(ode to rizzo) at Kendrick Trailhead, maybe a dozen. Interestingly we passed and helloed more heading up than ever. Hikers, newbies, dog walkers, a large group with a good mix of ages and personalities, plus five runners including the famous lacey___jo and Rachel!

After several CCW loops Suburuce wanted more elevation early on so we summited then went CW down Pumpkin. We continued to pass more than anticipated. All seemed to be doing an out-n-back or a midway-up-n-back. One guy mentioned Sheepherders Cabin. I wasn't paying enough attention if he was referring to the summit saddle cabin. At any rate, that term caught my attention.

Bruce wanted to lunch further in than usual as he recalled a nice group of trees we breaked at with Karl last year. It sort of worked out as he described. Except we passed the area he pointed out along the way. Nevertheless he picked a seemingly decent spot. Neither of us found a comfy seat. It was good to rest regardless. At one point I had a dozen large ants crawling on me. Exhausted from previous whining, I sucked it up. Figured if gummo purposely picks up scary looking bugs I could survive ants. Only three bites, all when I was flicking 'em off.

We did not see anyone along the connector trail. Flags were faded, still helped navigate. Two washed out areas had dicing footing. Glad to be going CW since I have better balance to catch a fall on my right. Noted a little bit of foxtail. Not dry enough for pure hell. Prickly plants loaded my socks with scratchies. Nothing remotely irritating like foxtails.

Heading up Bull Basin Trail was a dream compared to last year. ACE teams have worked miracles on a majority of the trail. Notably 90% of the worst log jams. A few good sized jams still need to be tackled. With lots of traffic having passed through now the easiest route over is easy to decipher.

Fun Facts - Venus is always brighter than all other planets or stars (except the Sun) as seen from Earth.
This brings joy to my little shriveled up black heart. A vicious doubter argued like a hungry wolf. In the end I got lucky...

Good hike, Kendrick always delivers.

dry Bull Spring Dry Dry
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- joe
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