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Border Time, AZ
mini location map2019-09-21
28 by photographer avatarRedRoxx44
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Border Time, AZ 
Border Time, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 21 2019
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Time to test out the new old Toyota. It looked like such a cream puff I wouldn't doubt it had never been in 4wd. I had not checked on the old graveyard for the 10th Cav this year yet so down I went. Again near the site I found just loads of shards and worked pieces. I walked the general area, on top of a couple of little hills to look things over. I have decided that this area was a native american site first, maybe even had some low walls or structure, and when the young men of the buffalo soldiers were buried there in the early 1900's the large rocks that grace their graves likely came from that site. Small american flags were planted and my placards are still up and look good. The big flag is on it's side, the post broken, but still not touching the ground so I left it as it was.

I took a short loop road I had driven part of with Randy in our "lost" segment, a good test for the mostly stock vehicle. I drove out the loop which involved some 4 lo, the use of the rear locker and I played with the A trac setting with and without the locker. Some steep loose rutted hills. Since this vehicle is not lifted clearance was the main issue. The FJ took it all in stride with no problems. I looked over my next hike for this area, to another border monument, looks brushy and will have to follow the border barb wire fence it looks like to find it.
I glassed the area, usually those things are on some high point but I did not see it.

Out the road decided to hike along a little stream, to my delight despite dodging cow pies, and a surly bull, nice little rock riffles, running water, some old foundations, and a jump off I could see on my map not visible by the road. Some nice thin waterfalls and big sheets of slickrock. I was hiking in sandals and inappropriate bright clothing; at the border of some private land; so I did not get to the bottom. Might be worth trying to get down in there tomorrow if some rain.

Had a sort of weird encounter hiking, then driving out. Near the Toyota, just happened to glance over as I was leaving the wash and saw a pack laying in a clearing, some fresh trash and some boots and legs-- that started moving as I was moving away. Before I could see who it was I diverted to the car and approached cautiously then locked myself in. Driving out encountered a sheriff. I wanted to ask him what rancher had cows in the area --see photoset when I get it up--- as I was concerned about a cow I saw with her horn apparently growing into her head and causing problems for her eye. He asked me if I had seen anyone as he was going out regarding some lost people in the area. He said there were five illegals who had called border patrol, who had put up a helicopter but couldn't land near them. I thought how did they call -- Cartel Net?? I know this area pretty well and there is spotty mostly no cell service and no call stations that I knew of. He stated there would be another officer behind him. As I drove out I encountered no one all the way to Arivaca. A lone guy in a vehicle looking for 5 illegals?? Something just doesn't add up. I told him what I saw, and where I saw it, which would have been one guy unless the rest in hiding.
He did say they had a list of local landowners and when they got the current situation settled he would reach out to the rancher.

I was down there most of the day and saw no one. Most border crossers are going to be in the canyons to avoid being seen, get water and be in shade. Hold up in some mine tunnels. Probably the stupid coyote abandoned them and they were totally unprepared and lost, or who knows. It's the border, all bets are off.
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