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Phoenix Mountain Preserve Loop, AZ
mini location map2020-04-05
40 by photographer avatartibber
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Phoenix Mountain Preserve Loop, AZ 
Phoenix Mountain Preserve Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 05 2020
Hiking6.32 Miles 1,060 AEG
Hiking6.32 Miles   2 Hrs   44 Mns   2.46 mph
1,060 ft AEG      10 Mns Break
Posting late again as I took too many photos so took awhile to get thru them. This Apr 5th hike is almost the loop I wanted to do awhile back and today was the day. The thing I like about hiking out here is I have bail out options if I'm not feeling it. I was glad to see ample parking at the 38th St TH.

Once again I missed the LV Yates Trail, it must be more to the left but I like my route that basically gets me to the same spot just as easily. (I see I need to take that first wash crossing and veer left/east). It was a pretty morning in the Preserve. There were a few hikers out this morning as I made my way toward the saddle below 8 and LV Yates. That's when I realized I missed the trail again.

The sun was backlighting the cholla and lupine as I headed east and then south below the hills/mountains in this area. From here on out, I would see hikers pretty consistently. Before I hiked the hill up to the house I tried to catch some wildflower pictures. For some reason I thot that hill was steeper too but it wasn't and this time I followed the pavement to the gate. The property you hike around is 3 acres and for sale. It has beautiful landscaping with Organ Pipe Cactus and heli pad. Looks like they are planting additional trees along side the pavement on the east side.

I headed west on the Ruth Hamilton trail, part of it lined by lupine, a very pretty site. I really should have started filming but I had no idea what wildflower wonders laid ahead. At the junction with 8 I could see the hill above if I continued straight and for some reason I thot that trail just wrapped around the mountain. I forgot it was a rough ride down and then I would have to come up, not contour. RS started acting up again on the way down so I pulled over and sat on a rock trying to get it to cooperate but it wasn't happening. I really think it's a matter of a new phone which I'm due for anyway.

I enjoyed the wildflowers scattered on both sides of the trail and the mountains all around me. Once I finally got to the bottom I started the arduous task of going up following four teen boys and their dog. I think I've done this trail once so I wasn't sure how it went but within a short bit I saw a saddle; yep I can get that. It's just an extra hill I didn't anticipate on my imagined route.

From the saddle I saw poppies between the two trails here 8 and 304. I headed down 304 to hook up with VOAZ. About half-way down there were a good deal of poppies so I detoured over to get some photos before heading back on the 304 and then I took an off-shoot of that west to the 302; it's actually a little short-cut that lets you join back up with it heading north. From here headed up the hill to pick up with the VOAZ. Forgot this had bit of an incline until you get to the saddle. Initially there was lots of brittlebush and lupine but then all of a sudden, Poppyville :y: . Whoa Nellie! Well needless to stay I went into Tibbermode trying to get the best angles to show the poppy dotted hillsides with an intermix of lupine.

Even when I finally got down to the junction and started traveling on 1A, the poppy madness continued on both sides of the trail; just love these kind of surprises. Poppies must have just bloomed late this year. I had hit prime I'm sure. As much as I've seen poppies all season, it just never gets old for some reason. I guess because the season is usually so short it makes one more appreciative.

Headed across 100, up the hill and then hung a right/east to head around Happy Hour Ridge back to the TH. Enjoyed a beer when I got home even though it was before noon. For some reason, a beer always tastes better after a good hike :) , plus it was a Huckleberry Lager.

It was a good hike; just wish I had filmed, not sure why I didn't just start but I like to film start to finish, not in-between. However, I did make a 10 minute slideshow using Adobe Premiere Elements template which I think turned out pretty good. [ youtube video ]
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Substantial
Poppies, Lupine, Hedgehogs, Ocotillo, Creosote, Brittlebush
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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