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mini location map2020-05-06
11 by photographer avatarJim_H
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Mount UnionPrescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking avatar May 06 2020
Hiking4.00 Miles 1,099 AEG
Hiking4.00 Miles   2 Hrs      2.00 mph
1,099 ft AEG10 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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After Spruce from #297, I set out for this. The drive down is enjoyable, but my feelings from last year about this hike alone not being worth the drive from far away, stands. If only interested in this area, maybe add Davis? Or do what you what, I don't know. It is great if nearby. The dirt road is in nothing short of excellent shape. Lots of people do extravagant GPS route hikes here incorporating roads and whatnot. I don't know I would enjoy that, as it seems so developed.

Union is nice. Good views, save for to the north. To the south, Towers Mountain drew my eye, and has me interested in that summit, and I am sure that other trails can be hiked to round out the trip or perhaps make a loop, or something.

The Hassayampa River headwaters are flowing heavily. Well over gallon+.
I await my deprogramming, my master.
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