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Pajarito Peak
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mini location map2020-07-01
14 by photographer avatarHikerWill
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Pajarito PeakTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 01 2020
Hiking3.40 Miles 1,100 AEG
Hiking3.40 Miles   4 Hrs      1.05 mph
1,100 ft AEG      45 Mns Break
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1st trip
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FR 4203
Parked the truck at a dead end turn around instead of starting at the beginning of an unnumbered road. There is a spring here with a big white cap on it. 20' across.
This chopped off a few hundred yards though I did have to make my way through some underbrush. Nothing too bad. Nary a Scratch.
At the .85 mark left the road because it got insanely steep and looked like it would go wayyyyy above the CCC tank. There is a very faint trail that got better the further I got from the road. There were several caches of water hidden under the few trees on the canyon hillside. One misstep along this trail would send you down a slippery slope and over a cliff.

--There is a path on the other side of the canyon about the same elevation as this one.
I was headed this way whether there was a path or not because the elevation gain and loss on the road would have been too much.
1.10 – headed off the trail/path and into the canyon at 1.14. there is some shade in the canyon.
1.35 – CCC tank. The tank has been eroded right in the middle. It’s a lot higher up than most and the drainage area is small. There was no water.
Headed South and up out of the tank on the grey rocks. Followed the fence south for a few yards and then it turned west. I followed it till it headed South again and stayed on the West side of the fence so I could pop over the edge of the ridge once in a while and look at Walker Canyon and a side canyon below.
Then it got steep.

1.53 – flatness… ahhhhhh and shade AHHHHHH.
Small fire ring here. The view is amazing. Was excited to see what it looks like at the top and… wondering if I should turn around because I got a late start.
After this flat place it gets steep and steeper… and…. Yeh.

1.71…. the top!
There is a 4x8 foot solar panel, antennas and a camera up there. What I thought was the register turned out to be a battery hooked up to a smaller solar panel so I packed that back carefully.
The real register is easy enough to find.
Had lunch in the shade of the solar panel and headed back.
10:21 left truck with half a PBJ, cashews and 3 quarts of water. One frozen.
11:14 first water break and rest in shade. There isn’t much good shade.
11:20 Left shade
11:31 CCC Tank
11:41 headed out of tank to Pajarito peak
11:52 flat spot with shade
12:10 Top!
12:31 left the top. Wanted to stay longer but it was getting hot…. Ter
12:52 back down to CCC tank
1:05 back at first rest stop
2:24 back at the truck. 1 pint of water left. Half ice.
4 hours total trip.
45 minutes of rest and lunch.

I changed my plan of attack this morning when I saw the road on the satellite view. I’m glad this way worked. I think it was easier than the path along the ridge to the South.
This road goes all the way to the saddle above CCC tank. But staying on the road the whole trip is a bad idea unless you just want a workout.
Next time I would like to come down the ridge to the South of the road. This was my original plan of attack today. I did enough research to go up this way but didn’t want to risk coming back that way without knowing what to expect. There is a pretty decent trail on that ridge.

All in all a good hike. I wish I hadn’t misplaced my Debit card and wasted my morning going to 3 different places where I might have left it….
It was in the couch.

There are some other features for further exploration up that way.

360 degree view at the top.
Start elevation = 4200
CCC tank 4800
Pajarito Peak 5236
It's hard for me to give an accurate time distance log. Sometimes a mile takes 15 minutes but if there is something interesting along the way a mile can take hours.
ALSO... Found a quarter at the top right beside the solar panel. If you can identify it I'll mail it to you... C.O.D.
Named place
Named place
CCC Tank Pajarito Peak
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