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Border Marker 127, AZ
mini location map2020-06-24
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Border Marker 127, AZ 
Border Marker 127, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 24 2020
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Hiking2.00 Miles
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Border marker 127 is at the angle in the southern AZ border. It’s about 8 miles to the west of Nogales. If you look it up on a map that’s more than three years old the road will end at monument tank.

Google maps has the new road highlighted in even though it doesn’t show on the terrain view.

Directions from Tucson:
Take I-19 south
From I-19 turn west on to Ruby Road at exit 12.
FR 222 is the next left after the rifle range. The rifle range is on the north side of Ruby road. 222 is on the South side.
222 winds around and follows the ridge all the way to the wash below BM 127. If you pay attention you will see it well before you get there. From ruby road to Monument Tank is 6.5 miles.

There are wide spots beside the road to park nearby. Head south in the wash. It’s close to level and filled with gravel. At the fork in the wash go up the middle. The path is pretty obvious now. If you take either fork you will be sad. I did and I was.
I know this is a short hike for a hiking site but
This is of historical significance and there are two other markers you can hike to in one day if you need more history and a workout. There is a road like feature that comes and goes to markers 126 to the East and 128 to the west. Hiking back to FR 222 and then up the ridges to 126 and 128 is a good idea.
Here are the round trip distances from FR 222 to each of the Border markers:
126 = .5 miles
127 = .85 miles
128 = .75 miles
These are great summer hikes because they are short. They are very steep in places and from all three markers you can see Elephant head and Duval mine. You can follow 222 back toward Nogales and find BM 125.
My gal and I put a register at BM 127 and there is now a most excellent path to the border fence. Is it ok for clean up a path like that by lightly trimming brush to make it easier to follow? (I’m asking for a friend…..)
Got buzzed by a BP helicopter reallllly close. The breeze was welcome as the Temperature topped out at 103 today.

Stay tuned for my triplog to BM 129. It’s a doozy
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