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Granite Mountain - Rock Springs Lollipop, AZ
mini location map2021-03-20
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Exotic Gardening Farms & Wildlife Habitat November 2009
Granite Mountain - Rock Springs Lollipop, AZ 
Granite Mountain - Rock Springs Lollipop, AZ
Run/Jog7.70 Miles 889 AEG
Run/Jog7.70 Miles   2 Hrs   15 Mns   3.42 mph
889 ft AEG2 LBS Pack
1st trip
Was looking for a 7 mile trail run today and measured this out, poorly as usual, but I knew that going in. Could not have asked for a nicer day, steady breeze, partly cloudy, 65 degrees. The trail was pretty empty, I only saw a few people on #261, which is usually pretty busy. I don't think I saw anyone on the loop portion. Trail #39 is very overgrown, but clearly gets some use, there is no trouble keeping the trail, but keeping blood off you legs will be hard (unless you wear those leg cover things, I think they call them pants). #39 really isn't much fun, most of it is really narrow single track, fairly steep decline the way I went. #37 and #38 are good fun though. Probably going the other direction would have been more interesting. The views are really amazing. I think next time I go through the gate at blair pass, I'll take the long way on #37 to go around little granite mountain, maybe find my way to the summit. I know there is at least one track on HAZ that gets you there.
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