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General Springs Canyon, AZ
mini location map2021-09-25
22 by photographer avatarjillyonanadventure
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General Springs Canyon, AZ 
General Springs Canyon, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 25 2021
Hiking11.01 Miles 1,306 AEG
Hiking11.01 Miles   4 Hrs   54 Mns   2.54 mph
1,306 ft AEG      34 Mns Break
1st trip
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Fred Haught/ General Springs Canyon is an area that had really intrigued me on a prior hike. There weren’t any routes that I could find but I had some ideas based on the map and also reached out to @grasshopper for some assistance with the route. (Thank you so much for helping us!)

I recruited two friends that were up for any type of adventure and off we went. We took rim road to FR 95 then parked off of FR719 at a small trailhead that would fit a couple of vehicles. (Note: there is a sign saying the road is closed 6 miles ahead at the beginning of the road, but there are no issues/closures in reaching this parking spot). The route is a loop that takes you through a large chunk of the canyon. You can either start or end with a road walk. If you end with the road walk you are also choosing to exit the canyon on the steep uphill. We opted to do the loop this way to get right into the canyon quicker.

We followed the Fred Haught trail heading downhill to drop into the canyon. This approach was quite simple and peaceful and here was where we saw the only other two people we’d see all day! Once dropping down into the canyon, you’ll head to your right to get into the Fred Haught/ General Springs Canyon.

Throughout the canyon you should choose the path that feels most comfortable to you. You can walk in the water or follow some faint game trails on either side of the water. You will need to cross the water several times to get a better path choice and avoid thick vegetation. If you are careful in your foot placement and rock hopping skills, you could keep your feet dry at the current water levels.

The canyon is one of the most stunning rim canyons I’ve visited! Around every corner we were in awe. The water was perfectly clear and had beautiful blue and green hues from the algae. It was so serene and peaceful in this canyon. There are pockets where you’ll have a bit of bushwhacking and navigating over deadfall, but in my opinion it was very mild bushwhacking compared to some others. The geology throughout the canyon was incredible and there were a lot of little nooks, caves and other places for animals to hide. We didn’t see any wildlife, but I could definitely feel the presence of some throughout the canyon.

You don’t really even need to keep an eye on your GPS for a good stretch of it as you just continue to follow the canyon at whatever paths you choose. You should definitely take note of where you are in relation to the exit point, but aside from that, navigation is not challenging. Since we opted to drop in on the Fred Haught trail, our exit led us out of the canyon and climbed up until it reached the road.

There were two hills that were a bit steep before you reach the road, but this exit was mild compared to many others I’ve done. There were faint game trails and paths and the bushwhacking/deadfall was very mild. We reached the road and had a couple of miles of walking until we got back to the vehicle. The section of the road we were walking on was closed to motor vehicles and there were a couple of fallen trees across the road. There is a slight incline on the road walk and I could definitely feel it with tired legs! Again, you can choose to do the loop starting with the road walk if you’d prefer!

I believe route scout recorded the mileage a bit high and that it’s closer to 8-9 miles. This was a stunning canyon and we really enjoyed ourselves! Thank you again to hank for assistance on the route planning.

A few extra details:
- Road conditions in my opinion would be high clearance preferred but possibly doable in a sedan if the road is dry. My friend with a sedan opted to park a couple of miles in and hop in with me in my 4Runner. The road can get muddy and has some ruts and larger rocks, but nothing that’s too technical or challenging. 4x4 is not required, clearance is definitely helpful. If the road is muddy, I would take caution in a sedan.

- Route finding is easy if you have some knowledge of off trail hiking.
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