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Surrey-Seitts-Menk Loop, AZ
mini location map2021-11-15
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Surrey-Seitts-Menk Loop, AZ 
Surrey-Seitts-Menk Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 15 2021
Hiking6.32 Miles 504 AEG
Hiking6.32 Miles   3 Hrs   13 Mns   2.24 mph
504 ft AEG      24 Mns Break
1st trip
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I got an invite to hike with the boys of Cave Creek and I even got to pick the day. And with the boys, it means an early start, at least for me. I'm not used to having to set an alarm right now :lol: .

I met Greg at his house and we walked to the TH from there. He pointed out the 'hood walk that he and Cathy do in the hills near the house. Brian arrived shortly and off we went to do a "no elevation" hike as Greg described it but that wasn't quite true😉. The sun created some nice morning light on the saguaros near and the hills afar.

On the way to the Overlook, Greg waved to his friendly horse outside of its booth. We stopped at the Practice Arena for me to get some pictures of the long mirror that was reflecting the desert background and us. It was like one of those carnival mirrors that does weird things to your body shape. In this same area along the road we cursed Cathy's rock that knocked her down hard to the road as we walked by.

At the top of the Overlook we took a moment to enjoy our surroundings including one remaining hot air balloon of the several we had seen coming down the hill from the TH, the two coyotes below and the Chinese Wall on the hills to the NE as well as Spur Cross to the north. Also from here you can see various other trails Greg uses in the CCRP to the north and west. Oh, and the 4th? and 5th holes of the Tonto Hills golf course to the north.

We visited the old Cave Creek Cemetery and took note of additional white-covered wire fencing in this area, it was also on the southside that we looked at when we were hiking down from the TH. It is quite the fencing. The light poles around the residential property were also pretty fancy.

We headed back south for a while, saw two equestrians and along the way, Greg pointed out two more access points to the Flume Trail. We eventually turned east and were walking on fairly new trail with the cool Cave Creek trail signs that used two sideways horseshoes (CC) on a post. We walked in and out of the wash a couple times and were quite near houses. Greg mentioned the horse in the corral ahead was mean; I suggested sugar cubes or carrots... for the horse :D .

Next we came up on Cave Creek Road where the trail swings north, it was rather noisy today. Greg and I noticed a white bird flying and wondered what it was. It landed on the power line and I zoomed in to see a white pigeon. Brian and his dad did some work with pigeons back in the day. Anyway, there were lots of regular-colored pigeons all lined up on the wire as well and soon they would be flying through the air for the next ten minutes or so and the white one really stood out; it was pretty to watch but too fast to get a picture. (After seeing the pictures I think they are homing pigeons).

The rest of the hike was meandering through neighborhoods until we reached the TH parking. We parted ways and Greg and I continued up the hill back to his house where I got to enjoy a great visit with them. Cathy is in amazingly good spirits considering. Greg had to tolerate some girl banter in-between serving coffee, juice and danish. The local bunny stopped by for some kibble too.

WATCH: 6.18 miles (1934 low point, 2203 high point) avg bpm 111, max 141 burning 923 calories (total ascent .96, descent 1.09) starting at 57.1 degrees and 31% humidity, finishing at 10:13 AM under clear skies.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.

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