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Deem Hills Ramble, AZ
mini location map2021-11-26
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Deem Hills Ramble, AZ 
Deem Hills Ramble, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 26 2021
Hiking6.51 Miles 986 AEG
Hiking6.51 Miles   2 Hrs   13 Mns   2.96 mph
986 ft AEG      1 Min Break
1st trip
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Wanted to do an afternoon hike today thinking it might be hard to get parking in the AM and crowded on the trails. So after my nap😉, I headed out to the Deem Hills East parking lot that had only three cars in it. You can now go directly from Happy Valley Rd as construction is finished (probably has been finished for awhile, I just haven't been to Deem since January.) The route I had selected had several options that I could choose.

I started counterclockwise on the Circumference Trail. I enjoyed looking at the tall basalt rock fields though not in good enough light for a picture. Eventually you are parallel with the canal before heading south up a long easy grade toward the saddle. I encountered one bike rider on this part of the route. As you get toward the top you have the option to crossover to the west and catch the trail to the Ridgeline that way but I opted for the Basalt Trail that takes you to the top of the saddle.

I headed WNW on the Ridgeline Trail and probably encountered about 1/2 dozen hikers; four that I would see on the west side of the Circumference Trail. This does make a nice loop altho I do find the rocky trail annoying; still can't get past the fear of falling since my January accident. However, on this whole hike I only tripped 3 times so that's not bad. I am sure I always tripped at least that much before but now I notice every time :( .

It was nice up on the Ridgeline with views all around. I made my way back down to join back up with the Circumference Trail. I saw about 4 hikers on this part of the route until I got over by the west side where the Deem Hills Recreational Park is located. They have a restroom there which is just a hop, skip and jump from the trail if you have the need. Or you can hang out at the Park. I think I may check it out the next time I'm here. There is also ample parking if the east trailhead parking is full.

I continued on the Circumference Trail and started the slow grade up the south side of the Deem Hills. I actually passed a couple gals but I think only because they were busy talking. The last little bit up to the saddle I was at earlier does get a bit steep. From here a person can continue south of the hills or go up and around to the north which was my choice today... I had a beer waiting :lol: .

I took the Basalt Trail and eventually hooked up with the Palisade Trail. These trails split off and you can go either left or right. I thot I took the path I had taken in the past but I ended up on the Palisade Trail that takes you north and down from the Deem Hills... which I didn't know but I wasn't too worried about where it might dump me as the TH was not far away. It was nice to be on a new trail and it might be an interesting option to come up for a loop in the future.

The Palisade Trail ends up at the paved road that goes to the flat water tank, however, you go right (east) to get back to the TH. There was some photography going on of some very nicely dressed people as I passed by the open road gate. Not sure it was the best background and later I saw one of the subjects actually walking in her heels back to the TH while I was sitting in Tonto 3. Why on earth would she have not walked to that area in sneakers or something :doh: ? Saw 1/2 dozen lizards throughout the hike.

I had my Huckleberry beer, caught up on texts and FB before heading back home.

WATCH: 6.22 miles (highest point 2119, lowest 1535) avg bpm 133, max 165. 37% at max, 39% aerobic and 31% at aerobic level burning 899 calories. Starting temp 75.1 and 19% humidity finishing at 4:24PM.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.

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