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Ocotillo Sidewinder Ridgeback Apache, AZ
mini location map2021-12-07
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Ocotillo Sidewinder Ridgeback Apache, AZ 
Ocotillo Sidewinder Ridgeback Apache, AZ
Hiking10.47 Miles 1,375 AEG
Hiking10.47 Miles   3 Hrs   23 Mns   3.09 mph
1,375 ft AEG
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It was going to be a "Tibberlocks" kind of day: an afternoon hike, clouds, nice temp, a fun sky from time to time, great trail conditions and a Huck beer waiting for me at the end. I did my best, once again, to imitate Kelly and get a double. I did okay on the miles but once again, didn't get the elevation Kelly did :sweat: . I do think, however, that this is the longest hike I've done without a break and at 3MPH; not bad for an old nag, ha!

There weren't many cars in the TH lot. It's a nice little hike on the Ocotillo Trail as you make your way for a few miles before hooking up with the Sidewinder. The sky and clouds and light was of interest here and there so I ended up taking more pictures than I had hoped. Seriously, I would just like to keep moving; but without blinders, that's just not gonna happen :lol: . My right leg/knee tried to bother me on some of the "up" today; hopefully that will go away again like it has in the past.

The grade up the Sidewinder is not bad for the most part and you do get some decent views as you head east; altho a look back provides some nice vistas as well. From here it's a level hike for a short bit before heading back down again and through the lower level. Temp is still pretty nice at this point when I started heading up to the junction with the Ridgeback Trail that was further then I thot.

The Ridgeback Trail was its normal self and I did great up the north side of it; I think because the grade is comfortable. I had not seen a single person since the south Ocotillo/Ridgeback junction almost a couple hours ago. It was down the hill I went after trying to make a pano for Google to make which it has done, though I haven't checked it out yet. I noticed as I made the turn south there was smoke in the far distance from a downtown fire, apparently, so I, of course, had to get some pictures.

I decided when I got to the junction with the Apache Trail I would stay on the south side and approach Apache Vista from the eastern Sidewinder just to make sure I would hopefully get my double digits. I would start to see more hikers as I got near the TH and made my loop on the eastern Sidewinder and up to Apache Vista. There was also some helicopter action going on with two different helicopters. I do have to say, my legs were getting tired as I came off of Vista but I generally felt pretty good.

My watch mileage was at 9 1/3rd though HAZel said 10 so I went the long way back to Tonto 3 just to make sure I got my double. The lot had quite a few more cars in it now. Oh, it was hard getting in the car but I managed on the second try. As I was drinking my beer, I noticed some hot air balloons and I happened to have my camera in the car so I did some zooming.

WATCH: 10.19 miles (highest elevation 2224, lowest 1751 - Miles 2.58 ascent, 2.62 descent) avg bpm 132, max 164 (Now these stats will be different from normal as they are based on my bpm: 6% at Anaerobic Level 3 (152-170), 52% at Weight Control Level 2 (114-132). Most of the time I heard my watch say in the 120s. It says I burned 1365 calories. However, it took off the temperature and finish time so that's a bummer as I liked that feature. Update 12-8-2021 they still haven't put the map/track back up but the temperature feature was available this morning. For the hike, starting temp 69.8 and 23% humidity (felt more humid than that), finishing at 4:19PM.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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