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Pinaleno Weekend, AZ
mini location map2013-08-02
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Pinaleno Weekend, AZ 
Pinaleno Weekend, AZ
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Originally I had planned on heading down Wednesday to hang out with Pam, but when Charles posted his annual Ash Creek event, I decided to go over the weekend. I was hoping to see Pam Friday before she left the mountain since I was going down early, but missed her. I figured I would go down early to beat the weather and set up camp well before the Phoenix contingent arrived, but as I approached the mountain in late morning it was already storming up there. By the time I reached Columbine Corrals & Soldier Camp, it was pouring. There are some sites in Soldier Creek when you first enter the campground near the creek that are nice for a group. There were some folks there huddled under a tarp in the rain as I checked things out. I asked them if they were staying longer, and they said they might be leaving. Since it was raining, I told them I would drive down toward the end of the road by Clark Peak (thinking I still might run into Pam) and check back with them later. Drove down the side road past Grand View Peak where I thought she might be camped, but it was a muddy mess and others were camped there, so then I headed over to Riggs Lake to take some pictures as the rain ended. After going to the end of the road by Clark Peak, it was back to Soldier Creek to see if those folks were staying another night. They were packing up their van and said it was all mine, so that was cool. One of the guys pointed at a tree very near where they were huddled in the rain. He said about 5 minutes after I drove out earlier lightning hit it! :o :scared: This probably had something to do with their decision to leave. :lol:

I set up my lighted shelter over one of the tables and got the tent up, etc. Then just waited for the others to arrive. There were a total of 7 of us (a nice small group :D ), so we locked down a total of 3 sites next to each other for our needs. Saturday everyone but me went on the big hike down to Ash Creek Falls (and well beyond). I stayed in camp all day just relaxing and taking pictures. Did go down to the entrance to the ice cave, but didn't go in. There was no rain Saturday, which made it nice for the hike and evening around the fire. :)

Pleasantly cool up around 9400 feet: about 57 degrees Friday afternoon (post rain), with a high of 67 Saturday. Morning lows were 44 and 47 degrees.

One of the guys in the group said he had never been to Clark Peak, so after we broke camp Sunday morning and said our goodbyes to the others, we headed there for the short hike.
Then it was down the mountain for the drive home. It was a fine weekend. :D

Notes: Turns out Pam was down by Snow Flat as I drove by on my way up. We figured that out from timestamps on our photos. :lol: Also, the mice were very aggressive (professional) up in Soldier Creek CG. I had an slightly opened bag of jalapeno sunflower seeds inside one of my grocery bags of food in the back of the truck. When I was packing up to leave I noticed a neat pile of shells sitting on top of one of my sandals next to the bag. The little culprit was nice enough take them out of the food bag to eat, plus didn't mess with anything else back there. :)
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Looking good at the waterfalls near the main road.

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Nice flow in the creek by the campground which made for a pleasant sound to drift off to sleep by.
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