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Pinaleno Mountains, AZ
mini location map2015-08-29
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Pinaleno Mountains, AZ 
Pinaleno Mountains, AZ
Storm Chasing
Storm Chasing
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Make that Storm Chased! :lol:

This all started awhile back when mnlumberjack moved to Arizona to stay. Somehow I mentioned camping to him, and to my surprise, he said he would like to go camping. :) So, now I had an idea and sent a PM to several folks about getting together for a car camp in the Huachucas in late August to enjoy the primo wildflower show on the way to Carr Peak. The person I most wanted to do this for was Angela, since though she has been down there, she didn't go at prime time. I waited to see what weekend would work for the invitees, but Angela was not able to get free for any of them. So now it came down to Jack, Kelly, and me. Since both Kelly and Jack had been down to the Huachucas before, I proposed two alternatives: West Turkey Creek in the Chiricahuas or someplace up in the Pinalenos. The weekend of the 29th-30th had been selected, and the weather forecast originally was for it being hot with a decreased chance of rain. With that in mind, we decided to go to the higher, cooler Pinalenos.

Well wouldn't you know it, as the days counted down to the selected dates, the forecast changed! :bdh:
Won't be as hot and the storms won't be going away. When the rain probability hit 60 percent, Kelly said :out:

Basically this left it in Jack's hand. I was good with whatever he decided. I didn't discourage him and must admit I was a little surprised when he said we should go for it (part of the reason is all the prep we had done for this thing). We met at Swift Trail Junction and then headed up the mountain. Since this was his first time there, I wanted to show him the camping choices as we worked our way up the road. I pointed out that a great hike was from the Columbine Corrals CG and that my favorite CG was Soldier Creek. It was already storming as we got there, and the best spots were taken, so we continued on. On our way to the lake we went through a nice storm with hail, but little did we know the best was yet to come. :lol:

When we got to the lake the sun was out and it was pleasantly warm, so we knew this was the place to camp! :D We checked out all the sites, made our choice (in spite of the campground host trying to talk us into another site while channeling John Wayne :gun: ), paid our fee and set up. We almost had everything done, when the storm hit. This was enough of a storm to make a mess of things and get our stuff sufficiently wet, to the point that we agreed to call it off and head down the mountain. :|

I figured we might be able to at least get down to a lower picnic area and fire up the stove to enjoy some of the food that we brought, but that was not to be as the monsoon's greatest hits parade continued. :-({|=

We headed to Safford, got something to eat, gassed up, and said our goodbyes. In spite of it all, a good day. :)

So who is ultimately to blame for this convoluted fiasco? Why tibber of course. :o :sl:

I have been through this sort of scenario before, so it was just a fun day on the road for me, and Jack got to see how 8) this area is.

Plus, I got to be home Sunday evening to witness that great no-hit pitching performance by Jake Arrieta of my Cubs versus my Dodgers. Awesomesauce!! :y:

To be continued... :-k ... a_4M
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A few here and there near the lake, mostly pummeled by hail.

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Plenty of water in the lake. Also, plenty of water (and ice) present in the atmosphere, along with annoying ponding around the picnic table at campsite #8.
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