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mini location map2013-09-28
25 by photographer avatarddgrunning
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Rim to RimNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 28 2013
Hiking25.50 Miles 5,000 AEG
Hiking25.50 Miles   10 Hrs   58 Mns   2.33 mph
5,000 ft AEG
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Day 2 of back-to-back R2R. Day 2 agenda: N.Kaibab-Bright Angel.

After enjoying a shower and nice dinner at the lodge following my south to north R2R, we settled into our cabin for the night. My wife and 16-year-old daughter were joining me and our group for the return hike on Sat. morning.

In surveying my feet from Friday's R2R, I made the mistake of pulling off one of my blister bandages on my pinkie toe, which unfortunately, pulled the skin off with it. :( :doh: ](*,) That would make for a less pleasant hike back, but I was committed, so I pulled out the gauze and bandaged it up as best I could.

Our group of 30 or so hit the N.Kaibab trailhead at 5:35, at a brisk sub-30 degree temp. and headed down the trail by headlamp for the first couple of miles. By the time we arrived at Supai Tunnel, the lamps were no longer needed.

The morning lighting in the canyon made for much better photos than in the full sun the day before. My toe didn't give me too much trouble as long as I kept hiking, though I was grateful to reach the Pumphouse and be done with the steep downhill.

We took the side trip to Ribbon Falls, which was beautiful, as usual.

Had lunch at Phantom Ranch and came across some folks going S to N, wearing various outfits, including Tinkerbell. Whatever floats your boat, I guess . . . :oplz:

Crossed the Silver Bridge. The River was a chocolaty-brown, as a result of recent rains. Made the turn up Pipe Creek and headed towards Devil's Corkscrew. Through this point, my 16 year old daughter had done great, but I knew that the Corkscrew would be the beginning of the "interesting" part of the trip ;) She did great up the corkscrew, but was pretty anxious on the way to Indian Garden, knowing that there was a lot of elevation still yet to conquer. 8-[

We took a nice break and Indian Garden, where temps in the shade were in the mid-70s. Then tackled the rest of the trail in 1.5 mi. increments, corresponding to the rest houses.

My wife left the two of us on Jacob's Ladder below 3 mi. resthouse, as she had gotten to the point of just needing to keep motoring and finish. She ended up getting out about 20 minutes before my daughter and me.

When my daughter and I made the final turn on towards the trailhead, those of our group who had already made it out were there cheering everyone out of the canyon. It was a pretty emotional experience. So glad to have that memory locked away with my daughter. Very proud of her. There's nothing like conquering a challenging hike like R2R to teach a youth that she can do hard things! :wlift:

After resting and celebratory photos, we took showers at Mather Campground, fueled up at Maswick Lodge cafeteria and headed back to Phoenix.

Another great R2R in the books. So glad we were able to get it in before the government shut down the canyon!! My condolences to all who were planning trips there this week and going forward while the political debacle sorts itself out. :sorrry:
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