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mini location map2016-05-31
10 by photographer avatarfearnestiv
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Rim to RimNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar May 31 2016
Hiking22.00 Miles 4,800 AEG
Hiking22.00 Miles
4,800 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Not sure how to post this because the Rim to Rim showed 44 miles! That must be Rim to Rim to Rim. Great two day hike but we were a little unlucky regarding weather. A BIG high pressure area was going to sit over AZ while we were in the canyon and temps would be 10 degrees above average. This was a factor in our plans for day two.
I brought a friend from Minnesota who is in great shape but had to break in some boots and do some stairs! Had difficulty getting accommodations at Phantom Ranch, but was able to get a Backcountry Permit for one night in the Bright Angel Campground. Very glad we decided to do in two days because:
1) We had plenty of time to check out Roaring Springs and Ribbon Falls on the way down because we didn't feel we were "on the clock."
Day one highlight was seeing a Crotalus organs abyssus (Grand Canyon rattlesnake) on the trail at Cottonwood Campground. The other dangerous thing we saw was a young male Homo sapien hiking with a 9mm Glock on his hip. The snakes weren't that bad :?
2) It was BLAZING HOT in the Box and at Phantom Ranch hitting 102 degrees on Wednesday afternoon. We made a strategic error in picking our camp site which was right by Bright Angel Creek :) , but in the blazing sun until about 4 pm . :( We laid around all afternoon soaking in Bright Angel Creek and waiting for our Phantom Ranch steak dinners at 5pm. We inhaled our food, which was delicious, went back to camp and crashed by 8 pm with air temp about 85 degrees. Didn't really cool down until 10pm. However, between the hike and the big steak dinner, we fell asleep and woke up at 4am, broke camp, got our big family style breakfast at Phantom Ranch, also a big hit, and got on the trail by 5:40am. Because we could tell the temps were on the way up, we decided to just hike out and hit the Bright Angel Trail head by 11:15am. Between Milehouse 3 and Mile House 1.5 we saw a big buck bighorn sheep. He was too fast for me, and by the time my camera was out, he was gone.
We had a room reserved at Bright Angel Lodge :y: Had a nice dinner at the El Tovar dining room, and got up early Friday morning to take some sunrise pictures of the Grand Canyon, particularly of "The Battleship" which is such a prominent feature from the South Rim. Left by 8am to meet our wives in Sedona. Can't wait for my next trip to GC!!!

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