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mini location map2015-10-17
4 by photographer avatarHippy
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Rim to RimNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 17 2015
Hiking26.00 Miles 6,150 AEG
Hiking26.00 Miles   14 Hrs   55 Mns   1.74 mph
6,150 ft AEG
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My galfriend Kish had never hiked grand canyon before. She wanted to do "the ultimate" hike haha

So she picked me up from south rim, we drove to north rim on Friday the 16th.
I stayed with my boyfriend in his dorm and kish stayed in Jacob lake lodge.

Jamie and I greatly enjoyed the north rim employee end of season party aka the survivor party haha
Imagine a rave...with a live band, fog machine, light up balloons and dozens of drunks....all packed inside the beautiful historic north rim lodge in the sun room!! Brightly the mule statue was wearing a top hat and had a kazoo!

Jamie drove us in Kish's car to the NK TH and walked to coco overlook to see us off.

Kish kept my pace alllllll the way down until we hit "The Box" where we got rained on and were forced to hide under a ledge while hail pelted the bridge.

We made it to Phantom in 6 hours but I knew Kish was wearing thin.
We parked at the Canteen for an hour and enjoyed ibuprofen (for kish), lemonade, coffee and bananas. :)

We made it to Devil's Corkscrew before sunset and to the top of it after. Poor Kish was crawling.
We rested again at IG around 8pm!

Exactly 11:55pm Kish and I linked arms and stepped onto the asphalt at BA Trailhead.
Poor gal was in ruins but SO proud of herself.

The next morning Jamie packed his north rim room into Kish's rental car and drove back home to the south rim.

I imagine I'll be hiking a few more R2R to see him again next summer. Unless I head off that way too...
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