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Sheep Mtn - Maricopa's, AZ
mini location map2015-01-03
10 by photographer avatarbrougham86
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Sheep Mtn - Maricopa's, AZ 
Sheep Mtn - Maricopa's, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 03 2015
Hiking11.10 Miles 1,487 AEG
Hiking11.10 Miles
1,487 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Been meaning to head back to the Maricopas for a while. After one wrong turnoff of hwy 85, we found Woods Rd, and headed East. Kyle's truck scraped its way in, almost to the trailhead, and we were off. The hike to the drainage we ascended was mostly flat and uneventful. The drainage itself was fairly easy going, but the higher reaches of Sheep Mountain were gravely and loose underfoot. There are some really good places to camp on one of those saddles up there, if one felt like lugging a full pack all that way. It was a slow afternoon but we made it to the top without any real trouble. What a view! Lunch felt well-deserved. We slowly picked our way down a drainage and made it back to the truck after a long, flat hike back to Margie's Cove. I was home by dinnertime. I opted for hightops today instead of my usual trail runners and I have finally concluded that Oboz makes pretty awful boots.
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