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Campaign TH to First Water TH, AZ
mini location map2015-01-18
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Campaign TH to First Water TH, AZ 
Campaign TH to First Water TH, AZ
Backpack avatar Jan 18 2015
Backpack42.08 Miles 6,927 AEG
Backpack42.08 Miles2 Days         
6,927 ft AEG
1st trip
Due to coaching obligations, I was not able to maximize my MLK day weekend this year and had to settle for a Sunday to Monday over-night somewhere. I chose the Supes a place that I don't have a lot of
familiarity with ;

I chose your pretty standard Campaign TH to First Water TH over-nighter for the pups and myself. I was able to enlist the help of Chumley to set up my shuttle who surprisingly was very cool with the idea of waking up at 430 in the morning to drop me off at Campaign TH. I told Chumley that I thought I could make it across the supes in 32-34 miles, 35 tops. I think I may have missed a trail or two in my estimation :-k A very uncharacteristic mileage estimation by myself, very uncharacteristic, Kyle, and Chumley will attest to my usually very accurate trail estimation numbers.

Day One: 20.6 miles

Campaign Trail: Campaign Trail is always pleasant to me. I met a very large group of CCC employees out of Flag and they are in process of a multi day trail clearing project of Campaign Trail, might be a good time to hit trail, if you have never been.

Reavis Gap The trail is in great shape! Trail seems to be seeing some decent traffic this winter. Water everywhere, water on trail, water in secondary washes, water flowing at intersection with Pine Creek.

Reavis Ranch Trail (S): Ranch was dead, signs of over-night campers but everyone gone. Hike south was great, one of my favorite sections of trail in Supes. Water flowing nearly the entire way to saddle. I met a guy who said the reason he was hiking his dog out here was because of Blanco and Cup, I guess they have some fans, not to stroke their egos.

Roger's Canyon: Standard Roger's Canyon conditions, a little busy around the ruins. Water conditions very disappointing, the antithesis of the conditions I encountered earlier in day and far below other winters for comparison. However, on bright side Roger's Canyon Trail seemed to have been the recipient of some recent trail work and the climb to Tortilla Divide was pretty much brush free.

JF Ranch Trail: Camped near wilderness boundary at last available spot with water. Initially I planned to camp near this really pictureseque spot just before Dripping Springs, but I could tell Cup was beat. I figured I could make up those lost miles with an earlier start and I could also get Cup some extra rest for day two.

Day Two: 21.6 miles

Cup woke up relatively spry I packed up camp quickly devoured some oatmeal and coffee and hit the trail just before six.

Woodbury Head-lamped it not much to report.

Coffee Flats: I ran into two guys camping at Dripping Springs who immediately greeted Cup and Blanco by name, yup more fans :roll: Both guys were members on HAZ, but they said they don't really post much one username had a lot letters and numbers in it and I think the other one had a pirate it in it, I can't remember, but good guys, chatted for a minute and then continued mission. The cows have really done a number on this otherwise beautiful area.

Dutchman Trail I spent a lot of time on this trail on the second day and still can't think of anything nice to say, just a means to an end in the instance of this trip. Actually, did not mind the Dutchman, its just not my favorite trail in the Supes. Water conditions were great along trail, met some cool horsemen, a few hikers, and enjoyed the nice trail.

Bluff Springs Trail: short and sweet, lots of water took a dedicated break to filter and rest dogs.

Terrapin Trail: I did dread the Terrapin a little, because not the most ideal trail for making good time and it has seemed to drag on from past trips. However, it was a blur today, seems as quick as we started it we were finishing and getting back on the Dutchman again. Water levels good, but have seen better, but generally flowing up to divide on each side. Trail is over-grown in a few spots, and enough acacia to make you wish you wore pants, I know because I wore shorts.

Final Notes: An excellent way to see the Supes if you ask me, especially, if you are in a rush. It was very cool to go from the Pines to the desert to the riparian area of Fraser and essentially see all the Supes have to offer. I may have had a tremendous miscalculation in miles, however, I was correct in choosing the east to west direction of travel as my assumption that I would be losing more elevation then gaining. The profile really highlights the difference in elevations of the Eastern and Western Supes. I did choose the most dog friendly trails I could think of and Cup responded well. I was little worried about her the way she dragged herself into camp the first night, but she bounced back admirable and walked out right next to me at four o'clock on the dot today.
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