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Rogers Canyon Ruins
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Rogers Canyon RuinsGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 24 2015
Hiking11.17 Miles 1,118 AEG
Hiking11.17 Miles   8 Hrs   8 Mns   1.37 mph
1,118 ft AEG
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A trip to view the Rogers Canyon Ruins with side trips to visit Elisha Reavis grave and a quick tour of Angel Basin

With my winter season soon coming to an end here in sunny Arizona, hiking friend Randy (rwstorm) invited me to join him for a day hike to see the ruins in Rogers Canyon, visit the grave of Elisha Reavis and tour Angel Basin. These are all destinations that I have wanted to see in the Superstitions so I gladly accepted his offer. We met up at the Florence Junction carpool parking lot at 0800 and I transferred my gear to his 4WD pickup.

Initially the drive in on Hewitt Canyon Road (FSR 172) went pretty smoothly and it was evident that recent work had been done on the normally rough road. We passed a couple of vehicles on the road as we casually bumped along, but by the time we got to the Woodburry TH turnoff, we met the Forest Service crews working on the road with a D-9 Cat, a backhoe and a dump truck..... they're pretty serious about fixing the road :y: We were allowed to pass the road repair crews and now we found out the condition of the real road :scared: The remainder of the drive was typically rough and slow going all the way to Rogers Trough TH.

At the Trailhead, we were surprised to see 13 vehicles already there so we parked and got into our hiking gear. With cameras ready, GPS's zeroed and a warm cloudless day ahead, we signed the log at 10:00 and hit the deserted downhill trail. We followed the Rogers Canyon Trail until we came to the sign for the Reavis Ranch Trail where we made a turn to the Northeast along the flank of Iron Mountain. Before long we arrived at the grave site and paid our respects to an early pioneer of the Superstitions then returned to the Rogers Canyon Trail.

The trail is easy to follow even at the many creek crossings and the numerous large trees provided welcome shade on a day that was quickly warming up. We finally reached the ruins site but Randy wanted to make the short trip to Angel Basin first so we continued on down the creek. Angel Basin is another of those amazing Superstition oasis sites with lots of grass, a few large trees and several campsites scattered around the area.... a backpackers heaven.

We returned to the ruins site to find that the previous visitors had already left leaving us alone to tour the aged stone and mud buildings of several century's old. Randy, who had skipped breakfast, needed a break before continuing on so I headed up the short but steep hillside trail leading to the lower portion of the ruins. Prior to the hike, I had researched many old photos of the ruins but wasn't prepared for the most recent damage to them.... it always amazes me why some individuals are so compelled to damage these historical sites ](*,) (NOTE just go back to Joe Bartel's photoset from 2000 and compare them against my recent shots.

I continued up and around to the second, intermediate, level of the ruins set into a dark deep cave. Not much here to see but there are some small portions of stone work along the walls that are still somewhat intact, although barely recognizable. It was here that I found the end of a rope that extended out and up to the uppermost entrance. The rock surfaces leading up are polished and slippery from boots and handholds are few and well worn so even with the aid of the rope, it was a tenuous climb. As I reached the wall of the main cave, I saw what the rope was attached to and thought how lucky I was to have made it..... when that stone comes loose, someone's going to get severely hurt :stretch:

Again, I'm amazed at the damage some people are doing to these buildings, The roof on the main structure is broken more than in earlier photos and names, initials and dates have been carved into the 800 year-old wooden support logs. I'm glad I made the trip when I did and I don't expect to return because there will only be more damage done to the site in the meantime.

When I climbed down from the ruins site, Randy and I had a celebratory beer and some of Pat's homemade oatmeal, raisin, chocolate chip cookies (YUM) as we prepared for our uphill return trip to the trailhead. By now, the sun was in the Western sky, the trail was fully shaded and the high temps of the day were past. The final uphill portions of the trail were kinda nasty with loose sand and high steps over the erosion boulders before reaching the trailhead.

We signed out on the log book at 6:00pm and had a second well needed beer as we changed from our hiking gear for the trip home. Someone once said "Don't be the last one to leave Rogers Trough Trailhead". Well I now know what they were getting at..... it's beautiful along that road as the sun sinks slowly behind the tall mountainous ranges but it's also :pk: hard to see where you're going in that twilight time.

Thanks once again, Randy for another educational hike, really fell in love with the area and the history associated with it. It's still a nasty drive in there so thanks for driving :worthy:

Just a little extra history on the ruins site from a long-time Superstitions lover ... .pdf
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Iron Mountain
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Lots of small patches of wildflowers alongside the trails.

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The spring was flowing, although not large amounts of water.
On every trip into the Superstitions, I find another Gold Mine. Today the mine was filled with Memories. I can not wait for the next trip.
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