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Three Lesser Peaks Loop, AZ
mini location map2019-02-07
38 by photographer avatarMr_Squishy
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Three Lesser Peaks Loop, AZ 
Three Lesser Peaks Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 07 2019
Hiking9.50 Miles 2,293 AEG
Hiking9.50 Miles
2,293 ft AEG
1st trip
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I hiked the Three Lesser Peaks Loop following a track I downloaded from HikeAz - it's like a super-long approach to get to the cluster of peaks. The combination of roads, trails, and cross-country hiking made for a superb day. After summiting the third peak, the descent route included one of my favorite stretches of trail in the Goldfield Mountains: the section from the saddle below Dome Mountain to the road - winding in and out of slick rock as you work your way down. I saw two large hawks during my hike - I don't think they were red-tailed hawks, but I only had my phone, so could not get good photos of them.
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