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Goldfields Golden Dome and Peak 3141, AZ
mini location map2019-11-22
42 by photographer avatarMr_Squishy
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Goldfields Golden Dome and Peak 3141, AZ 
Goldfields Golden Dome and Peak 3141, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 22 2019
1st trip
I'd had dixieflyer's GPS track in my "to do" folder for some time and Nov 22 was the day for it. I was on the trail before sunrise at 6:15 am and ended up taking twelve hours and returning to the trailhead at 6 pm in the dark. I like to take my time and look around and I move fairly deliberately when rock/boulder hopping. I chose to do the hike counterclockwise which probably was not a good decision. I think going clockwise is probably a bit easier in the long run. Due to the large amounts of water in Black Glass Canyon up from the Jeep wash, the going was slow as I had to go around areas one could normally hike in. The arches were spectacular, the summits had outstanding views, and route was difficult with some fun bushwhacking. It was nice to be on a trail when it got dark. Exactly 0.0 people and 0.0 ORVs were encountered on this hike. I will upload the gpx file soon, but it's pretty much identical to dixieflyer's. With the heavy rains earlier in the week, there was lots of water everywhere.
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