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First Water Reverse Flatiron, AZ
mini location map2019-11-16
24 by photographer avatarMr_Squishy
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First Water Reverse Flatiron, AZ 
First Water Reverse Flatiron, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 16 2019
Hiking12.90 Miles 3,476 AEG
Hiking12.90 Miles   11 Hrs   49 Mns   1.26 mph
3,476 ft AEG   1 Hour   34 Mns Break
1st trip
I have always wanted to do a Reverse Flatiron, but wanted a more off trail hike. I decided to connect the First Water Creek route with the RF and created an excellent off-trail adventure. I left First Water TH at 6:15 am and headed up the Dutchman Trail to First Water creek. I followed the creek drainage to the Massacre Grounds trail; unfortunately, at that point my GPS lost all satellite signals for about ten minutes which resulted in an erroneous ten mile segment up to Canyon Lake and back on my GPS track and delayed my start on the RF. Once GPS signals returned, I headed up the RF from Massacre Grounds and with the help of multiple cairns and my now accurate GPS successfully completed the route. There was some scrambling which slowed me down. I headed up to Peak 5024, then over to the Flatiron to consort with the crowds, then slowly made my way down Siphon Draw. I connected with the Jacobs Crosscut trail and followed it to First Water road, then walked two miles on the road back to my vehicle, completing my twelve hour odyssey. An excellent off trail adventure for the first half; I really didn't enjoy descending Siphon Draw and it was the least enjoyable portion of the hike. In the future, I think I would return the way I came up and connect to one of the trails that returns to First Water Road.
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