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Horton Derrick Loop, AZ
mini location map2020-10-12
11 by photographer avatarmarkthurman53
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Horton Derrick Loop, AZ 
Horton Derrick Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 12 2020
Hiking9.70 Miles 2,146 AEG
Hiking9.70 Miles   4 Hrs   17 Mns   2.45 mph
2,146 ft AEG      19 Mns Break
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My daughter wanted to do some hiking in the Payson area so we went up there to do a couple of hikes. On this hike we did the old reliable Horton Creek Trail to Horton Spring and returned via the Derrick Trail. The first half mile or so of Horton Creek was dry but further up it had a good flow (what ever was coming out of the spring). Horton Spring had a good flow coming out of it, about the same I saw a couple years ago. Appears the dry weather has had very little affect on it. Took a short break at the spring before heading east on the Highline to the Derrick Trail. There is a bit of a climb on the Highline before descending again to the Derrick Trail. Enough of a climb that I had to do the standing stop for a minute or so to let my legs recoup. The Derrick Trail is all downhill at a gradual easy walking slope.

There were about a dozen or so people along the Horton Creek Trail and none on the Highline or Derrick. All the trails were in excellent easy to follow condition. I had almost forgotten what well maintained, heavily used trails looked like. I got a chuckle out of a rock cairn along the trail thinking why restate the obvious. The other thing that made me laugh, cry was what usually happens in heavily used areas, Dog poop bags. So people feel they need to bag their dogs stuff to be politically correct, kind or just that it's what your suppose to do and that's fine, what ever floats your boat, but leaving the bagged crap along the trail is just wrong. Not only do you have a piece of plastic now littering the area you have well preserved dog crap in it. Why not just let your dog poop in the woods, the bears do don't they. The other thing that got my dander up was at the trail head where there is an out house but no trash can. Someone decided that it would be OK to just put all their trash in a pile and leave it near the outhouse, after all they don't want to litter. Why not just put it in a bag and take it out with you in the car you drove here in. Probably the same people who complain about big companies destroying our environment. Ok I'm off my soap box. Other than those two little things it was a great hike.

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